Directories & Reference Sites
Around the World in 2 Billion Pages (Internet Archive)
The Best Information on the Net: BIOTN (O'Keefe Library, St. Ambrose Univ.)
Business & Economics (The WWW Virtual Library)
Business Cycle Indicators (The Conference Board)
Business Research Links
Business Resources (LSU Libraries)
Calendars (Yahoo)
CMC Information Sources
Digital Collections & Programs (The Library of Congress)
Digital Librarian: A Librarian's Choice of the Best of the Web (M. V. Anderson, Cortland, New York)
Electronic Reference Collection (Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Electronic Resources (Univ. of Oxford Libraries)
Fast Facts 1999
Guides for Business Research (Univ. of Washington)
Infomine: Scholarly Internet Resource Collections (The Libraries of the Universities of California)
The Institute of Social Research (Univ. of Michigan)
Internet Archive
Islamic Calendars (Yahoo)
Internet Scout Project (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison)
Internet Subject Guides (Louisiana State Univ. Libraries)
Melvyl Homepage (California Digital Library)
NIRA's World Directory of Think Tanks (National Institute for Research Advancement, Japan)
OECD Statistics Portal 
Scholarly Societies Project; Web Pages & Info. about Scholarly Societies (Univ. of Waterloo Electronic Library)
Social Science Information Gateway: SOSIG
WayBackMachine (Internet Archive)


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