Tampa and Sarasota Direct Mail Marketing and Advertising Services

Tampa and Sarasota direct mail marketing

Our direct mail marketing and advertising services for businesses located between Sarasota an Tampa are custom tailored to be as efficient and cost effective as possible. From postcards to invitations to coupon mailers, My Marketing Company can promote your business or event with well-planned direct mail marketing campaigns that specifically target your company's core interest groups. We understand how to develop a comprehensive overall strategy that focuses on the local audiences that will be most interested in your products, services, or event. We have the marketing expertise to make sure your materials reach the right mailboxes!

Through focused and targeted direct mail marketing, we can help your Tampa or Sarasota business achieve the highest possible return on investment for your marketing dollars, as well as the highest rate of customer return through customer retention programs. We will negotiate, on behalf of your business, the best rates for printing and mailing and source and fine tune the appropriate mailing list that includes your core customer base.

With on-going direct mail marketing campaigns, your business can cost-effectively achieve a high rate of marketing success, maintain consistent customer interest in your goods and services, and develop long-lasting brand awareness.

Direct Mail Marketing

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