Marketing Plan Development for Sarasota and Tampa Businesses

Have you defined your business marketing objectives and strategies?

One of the most important steps your Sarasota or Tampa business can take to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its business marketing efforts is to develop a comprehensive written marketing plan that clearly defines the organization's marketing strategy.

A well defined marketing plan guides your business in developing its marketing objectives, techniques, and campaigns. It also assists in deciding where to allocate marketing resources and in establishing a workable budget with the greatest return on investment.

A comprehensive marketing plan includes:

  • The overall business objectives: What you want to accomplish.
  • An assessment of the market environment: What factors may affect your marketing efforts.
  • A business/community profile: What resources are available and who may be potential partners or collaborators for marketing efforts.
  • Market identification: The specific groups or clients most interested in your product.
  • Marketing strategies for different target markets: What is the best combination of product, price, place, and promotion for each marketing segment.
  • An implementation plan: How to "Make it Work."
  • The marketing budget: How much you have to spend.
  • A method for evaluation and change: How to determine if its working and how to make modifications.

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