Developing Brand Identity and Awareness for Sarasota and Tampa Businesses

Do your customers know
who you are?

Before consumers ever purchase products or use services that your company offers, your brand identity has broadcast a host of messages to them. An effective consumer brand creates a perception of quality and reliability, and it evokes an emotional response to your products and services. Your business' true worth, success, and standing within your market and community depend upon the psychological effectiveness of your branding.

Strong brand development requires a constant focus on the message your business sends to consumers about its offerings. It is the overall consumer perception of who you are, what you do, what you have for sale, and why someone should choose your product or service. Powerful branding can be as simple as a meaningful one-word definition that creates a positive, lasting emotional response among your company's customers.

A strong brand is:

  • Image: The visual perception; The Domino's Pizza logo
  • Benefits: The consequences of using a product; Shell Oil’s “Performance"
  • Differentiation: A distinction from the competition; Budweiser is “The King”
  • Quality: Consumer confidence; “Built Ford Tough”
  • Emotional Response: The feeling your consumers experience using your product; Coke is “refreshing"
  • Pricing: Perception of value and suggestion of quality; Wal-Mart has the“Best for less”
  • Distribution: The availability and location of products and services.
  • Presence: Visibility in media and communities leads to brand recognition.

We help you make it so they don’t forget it!

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What do you want consumers to know
the most about you and your products?

My Marketing Company can define your organization's vision and develop a strategy to achieve outstanding brand identity and positioning in different local and regional markets. We create identities that capture the imagination of consumers through visual, perceptual, and emotional approaches that deliver market share and build consumer confidence.

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