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This page contains a categorized list
of links to information related to
business and marketing development.

These 3000+ links contained in the categories below have been compiled by our company over time and they represent a portion of our information and research trust. As the list has grown, it has become such a good resource of useful information, we felt we needed to publish it to assist anyone looking for a web site filled with information useful for business development, marketing research, University level business and marketing classes, or anyone interested in the information found within these links for statistical and development purposes.

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As it is impossible for us to find enough time to update and validate the links on a regular basis, we assume no responsibility as to the accuracy of the information, as well as the integrity of the links due to server outages or revisions. All the information is from third party sources, we simply compiled the list for ease of use and as a consolidated reference for our company, clients, and business and marketing developers visiting this site.

Academic Journals

Australia & New Zealand

Business Services



Eastern Europe

Emerging Markets

Europe and the UK

General Business US


International Business




Marketing Research

Middle East

Multinational Corporations


Patents, Trademarks, Grants & Financing

Policy Organizations

Publishing Companies

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Small Business Resources by State

Various Uncategorized Links