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Sarasota and Tampa
Billboard Advertising

The heart of every outdoor advertising campaign begins with roadside billboard advertising. For less than the cost of an average single-day newspaper ad you can have up to 11 billboards around Sarasota or Tampa for four weeks that are advertising your business 24/7 and cover 10% of the population. Are they effective? You bet! Think about how many businesses you have come to know just from outdoor advertising!

Our company works with the leaders in the outdoor advertising industry and this gives us cross platform access to just about every type of outdoor advertising imaginable. We work with your budget, search out available locations, and using the right mix of ad types, we create a highly effective marketing campaign that will get your business results.

Our palette of opportunities are:

  • Roadside billboard advertising
  • Mobile billboard advertising
  • Airport concourse advertising
  • Shopping mall advertising
  • Transit shelter advertising
  • Taxi cab advertising
  • Cinema advertising

What makes My Marketing Company unique is we are a one-stop-shop marketing and advertising consultancy offering a broad range of marketing and advertising services. Using one firm for all your marketing and advertising creates consistency across your advertising campaigns. This consistency results in long term brand awareness that is hard to achieve when using multiple advertising and marketing agencies. We develop and distribute your campaigns from start to finish, take care of all the details down to the smallest, maintain budgets, timing, and production of collateral. You focus on running your business, we focus on marketing and advertising it.


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As professionals, we will not over-saturate the market and waste your money like other local billboard agencies who are just looking for the immediate buck and to tie you to long term contracts. Market over-saturation advertising wastes your money and is extremely counter-productive when consumers become sick and annoyed as a result of constantly seeing your ads. Our campaigns are extremely balanced and focused with the right amount of exposure to get your message across and maintain a high consumer opinion of your business. This formula creates an extremely high return on your marketing and advertising investment, amazing long term brand awareness, and saves you A LOT of money in the process! When we do this for your business, you will have faith in ours to assist you in the future. Having confidence knowing we have your business interests at heart is what hopefully will be the deciding factor in your decision to use us in the future for your marketing and advertising needs. That is how we do business, our reputation is VERY important to us.

See how effective outdoor advertising can be for your Sarasota or Tampa business