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Benchmarking, TQM, Six Sigma & Related Links

American Productivity Quality Center
Baldrige Award (Value Based
Benchmarking (About Inc.)
Benchmarking (Wikipedia)
The Benchmarking Exchange
Benchmarking Methods (Value Based
The Benchmarking Network
Benchmarking and Best Practices Resource List
Benchmarking Links
Benchmarking Reports (Best Practices, LLC)
Benchnet: The Benchmarking Exchange
The Deming Cycle (Value Based
Global Benchmarking Network
Kaizen (Value Based
Six Sigma (iSixSigma)
Six Sigma (Value Based
Six Sigma (Wikipedia)
Six Sigma Dilbert
The Nuts & Bolts of Benchmarking (M. Matters & A. Evans)
Total Quality Management (Wikipedia)
Total Quality Management Glossary (M. J. Shamp)
TQM-14 Points of Managenent/Deming (Value Based
The TQM Magazine

Bibliographical Styles, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias & Related Sites

The American.British - British.American Dictionary (Jeremy Smith)
Citing Internet & Print Resources (Cornette Library, West Texas A&M Univ.)
Guide to Grammar & Style (Jack Lynch, Rutgers Univ.)
Logos: Multilingual E-Translation Portal
Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary
Multilingual Dictionaries List (Univ. of Geneva)
WWW of Acronym & Database

Business & Academic Periodicals

Business Week
The Chronicle of Higher Education
The Conference Board Review Magazine
The Economist
Far Eastern Economic Review
HR Magazine
Industry Week
Knowledge Management
Latin Trade
Management Today
PC Magazine
Technology Review
Training & Development

Business History, Management Models/Philosophy & Related Theories

Ansoff's Product/Market Grid (Value Based
Balanced Scorecard (Value Based
Balanced Scorecard (Wikipedia)
BCG Matrix (12Manage)
BCG Matrix (Value Based
BCG Growth Share Matrix (Wikipedia)
Best of History Web Sites
Blue Ocean Strategy (Value Based
Blue Ocean Strategy (Wikipedia)
Bricks & Clicks (12Manage)
Business (Wikipedia)
Business Cycles (Wikipedia)
Business History (WWW Virtual Library)
Business Model (Wikipedia)
Business Philosophies & Popular Management Theories (Wikipedia)
The Center for International Business History (Univ. of Reading)
Change Management Iceberg (Value Based
Industrialization of Services Business Model (Wikipedia)
International Business Study (Wikipedia)
Labor History (WWW Virtual Library)
List of Business Theorists (Wikipedia)
List of Management Topics (Wikipedia)
List of Oldest Companies (
List of Oldest Companies (
List of Oldest Companies (Wikipedia)
Management (Wikipedia)
12Manage: Management Methods, Models & More
Organizational Configurations (Value Based
Organizational Configurations/Mintzberg (12Manage)
Porter's 5 Competitive Forces Model (Value Based
Porter's 5 Forces Analysis (Wikipedia)
Porter's Value Chain Model (Value Based
Seven Habits Model (Value Based
Strategy (12Manage)
Strategy (Wikipedia)
Strategic Management (Wikipedia)
Strategy Maps (Value Based
Strategy Maps (Wikipedia)
Sustainable Competitive Advantage (Wikipedia)
10 Schools of Strategic Management/Mintzberg (12Manage)
Tertiary Sector of Industry (Wikipedia)
12 Principles of the Network Economy (12Manage)
Value Based Management Methods/Models/Theories
Value Chain (Wikipedia)
Value Network (Wikipedia)

Business Schools, Universities, Accreditation Bodies & Higher Education

AACSB International
Accreditation in the United States (U.S. Dept. of Education)
All Business Schools (All Star Directories)
Boston College Center for International Higher Education
2007 College Guide (Washington Monthly)
College Rankings (U.S. News & World Report)
College & University Homepages (Christina De Mello, MIT)
Colleges & Universities (Yahoo Directory)
Copyown: A Resource on Copyright Ownership for the Higher Education Community (R. J. Petersen, Univ. of Maryland)
ERIC: Clearinghouse on Higher Education
International Center for Education Statistics (U.S. Dept. of Education)
International Universities (Yahoo Directory)
Internet Resources for Institutional Research (George Mason Univ.)
UK Active Map of Universities & Higher Education Institutions (P. Burden, Univ. of Wolverhampton)
UK Higher Education & Research Libraries (Univ. of Exeter Library & Info Service)
U.S. Colleges & Universities (Yahoo Directory)
University World News
Web U.S. Universities, Alphabetic (Statistics/Team, Univ. of Texas-Austin)
Welcome to University Links


Case Method/Case Study Approach

Application of a Case Study Methodology (W. Tellis, Fairfield Univ.)
The Case Method (Harvard Business School)
The Case Method: A Critique and a Conceptual Menu for Excellence (Y. Sankar, Dalhouise Univ.)
The Case Method of Instruction (F. Gibbons, Stanford Univ.)
Case Research Associations & Suggested Readings of the Case Method
Case Studies (Houghton Mifflin)
Case Studies (Univ. of Auckland)
Case Study (WSJ Center for Entrepreneurs)
Case Study (Wikipedia)
Case Study Analysis (Strategic Management, C. Hill & G. Jones, 5th ed., Houghton & Mifflin)
Case Study Analysis (Univ. of Melbourne)
The Case Study Method (Univ. of Western Ontario)
A Case Study of Case Studies: Producing Real World Learning within the Classroom (D. Needham, Nottingham Trent Univ., 2001)
Case Study Tips (McKinsey & Company)
Case Writing in Action
Editorial: Save Research-Abandon the Case Method of Teaching (S. Shugan, Marketing Science, March/April 2006)
Guide to Case Analysis (McGraw Hill)
HBS Case Method Deprives Students of an Authentic Learning Experience (MBA Toolbox)
The Ivey Case Study Method (Univ. of Western Ontario)
Learning from the Case Method (Burgoyne & Mumford, European Case Clearing House, 2001)
Making the Case: Professional Education for the World of Practice (D. A. Garvin, Harvard Magazine, Sept./Oct. 2005)
Preparing an Effective Case Analysis (South-Western College Publishing)
SWIF Learning: A Guide to Student-Written, Instructor-Facilitated Case Writing (P. W. Swiercz, George Washington Univ.)
Teaching with Cases (ECCH)
Teaching Strategies: Case-Based Teaching (Univ. of Michigan)
Titles on Teaching & the Case Method (Harvard Business Online)
Using a Teaching Case (Kennedy School of Government, Harvard Univ.)
Writing Teaching Cases: A Quick Reference Guide (CAIS)

Competitiveness Issues, Industry Clusters & Innovation

Advantages and Disadvantages of Targeting Industry Clusters (Barkley & Henry, Clemson Univ., 2001)
Annual Competitiveness Report 2005 (National Competitiveness Council-Ireland)
Benchmarking Competitiveness: Data Central (Council on Competitiveness)
Business Cluster (Wikipedia)
Capital Access Indexes: 1998-2005 (Milken Institute)
2005 Capital Access Index: Securitization in Financing Economic Activities (Milken Institute)
The Case for U.S. Trade Leadership (Business Roundtable)
Cluster Development (Wikipedia)
Cluster Dynamics in Theory & Practice with Application to Scotland (R. Brown, 2000)
Clusters of Innovation Initiative (Council on Competitiveness)
Cluster Mapping Project (HBS)
Cluster Mapping - A Valuable Tool for Policymaking (M. Lennihan, 2003)
Cluster Mapping in Europe & the U.S. (C.H.M. Ketels, HBS, 2005)
Cluster Theory (
Competitiveness (Wikipedia)
Competitiveness Index (Council on Competitiveness)
Competitiveness in U.S. Rural Regions: Learning & Research Agenda (M. E. Porter et al., HBS, Feb. 2004)
Council on Competitiveness
Creating Economic Clusters in the Muslim World (Dinar Standard)
The Determinants of National Innovative Capacity (Furman, Porter & Stern, Research Policy, 13/2002)
The Development of the Cluster Concept (C.H.M. Ketels, 2003)
Diamond Model & Clusters/Porter (12Manage)
Disruptive Innovation/Christensen (12Manage)
Economic Profiles of the 50 U.S. States & the District of Columbia (Institute for Strategy & Competitiveness)
European Innovation Scoreboard 2004 (Commission of the European Communities)
Global Biotech Clusters (W. Hoffman, MBBNet)
Global Competitiveness Index 2006-2007 (World Economic Forum)
Global Competitiveness Report 2001-2002 (Center for Int'l Development, Harvard Univ.)
The Global Competitiveness Report 2006-2007 (World Economic Forum)
Global Competitiveness Report-World Economic Forum (Wikipedia)
Igniting Innovation Performance: 2006 (Fujitsu Australia)
Innovation (Wikipedia)
Innovation Index (IBM)
Innovation Index Links (The Great North Alliance)
Innovation Lecture 2001-Netherlands (M.E. Porter, HBS)
Institute for Strategy & Competitiveness (HBS)
International Cluster Competitiveness Project (HBS)
2005 Index of the Massachusetts Innovation Economy (John Adams Innovation Institute)
Making Sense of Clusters: Regional Competitiveness & Economic Development (The Brookings Institution)
Measuring Regional Innovation: 2005 (U.S. Dept. of Commerce & Council on Competitiveness)
2005 National Innovation Survey (Council on Competitiveness)
Regional Innovation (Council on Competitiveness)
Signs of Life: The Growth of Biotech Centers in the U.S. (Cortright & Mayer, The Brookings Institution, 2002)
UK Competitiveness: Moving to the Next Stage (Porter & Ketels, 2003)
U.S. Competitiveness 2001 (Council on Competitiveness)
The World Competitiveness Landscape in 2006 (S. Garelli; IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2006)
The World Competitiveness Scoreboard 2007 (IMD)
World Competitiveness Yearbook (IMD)

Course Syllabi & Teaching Material

Electronic Commerce Course Syllabi Page (B. D. Santos, Univ. of Louisville)
Marketing Syllabi & Teaching Material (The World Lecture Hall, UT-Austin)
Syllabits (New South Network Services)
WTAMU Course Syllabi (West Texas A&M Univ.)
The World Lecture Hall (Univ. of Texas-Austin)

Current Research, Business Portals, Institutes & Archives

AMA's Global Marketing Special Interest Group
Bain & Company
Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.
The Boston Consulting Group
Brint - Online Resources for Contemporary Business, Technology & Knowledge Management Issues
Business Books: Core Collections & More (P. Z. McKay, Univ. of Florida)
Cluster Mapping Project (HBS)
Council on Competitiveness
Data & Research (The World Bank)
Data & Statistics (
Data & Statistics (IMF)
Development Data & Statistics (The World Bank)
The Earth Institute (Columbia Univ.)
Global Business Policy Council (ATKearney)
GlobalEdge (Michigan State Univ.)
Global Industries (KPMG)
HBS Working Knowledge
INSEAD Knowledge
International Cluster Competitiveness Project (HBS)
Institute for Strategy & Competitiveness (HBS)
Journal of International Business Studies Paper Archives
Journal of International Marketing Archives
Journal of Marketing Archives
Journal of Marketing Research Archives
Journal of Public Policy & Marketing Archives
KPMG International
Marketing Science Institute/Research
Martindale's Reference Desk
McKinsey & Company
Mercer Management Consulting
12Manage (Management Methods, Models & More)
Policy Research Working Papers (The World Bank Group)
Research & Insights (Accenture)
Research & Knowledge at IMD
Research Topics (Milken Institute)
RGE Monitor
The Sloan Industry Centers (The Alfred Sloan Foundation)
Value Based (Management Methods/Models/Theories)
WTO Research & Analysis
WTO Trade Topics

Distance Education

ADEC Distance Education Consortium (Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln)
California Virtual Campus
Center for Virtual University
Distance Education (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Distance Education at a Glance (Engineering Outreach, Univ. of Idaho, Moscow)
Distance Education Clearinghouse (Univ. of Wisconsin, Extension)
Distance Learning on The Net (Glenn Hoyle)
Distance Learning (Yahoo List)
Distance Learning: College & Universities (Yahoo List)
Distance Learning Institutions (Open Directory Project)
National Universities Degree Consortium (NUDC)
Virtual Universities
WTOnline (West Texas A&M Univ.)
Western Governors University

Center for eBusiness@MIT
Center for Research in Electronic Commerce (Univ. of Texas at Austin)
Commerce Net
Doing Business on the Internet (The Library of Congress)
Electronic Business (Wikipedia) (The Economist Intelligence Unit)
eBusiness Research Centers (Penn State)
E-Business Outlook 2003 (A. T. Kearney)
E-Commerce (ZDNet)
E-Commerce Information Sites (The Spanish Center of Competence in Electronic Commerce)
Electronic Commerce (Lex Mercatoria)
Electronic Commerce (Yahoo Directory)
E-Lab (Vanderbilt Univ.)
The Electronic Commerce Guide
Electronic Commerce Research Project - ECRP (Keio Business School, Japan)
Electronic Markets (The International Journal of Electronic Commerce & Business Media)
e-Government (Booz.Allen & Hamilton)
IBM E-Commerce Advisor Tools
The Information Economy (H. R. Varian, Univ. of California-Berkeley)
International Center for Electronic Commerce, Seoul Korea
Internet & Online (
Journal of Computer Mediated Communication (Indiana Univ.)
Managing the Digital Enterprise (M. Rappa,  North Carolina State Univ.)
Roger Clarke's Electronic Commerce Pages (Australian National Univ.)
Strategy & the New Economics of Information (BCG)
Transaction Net
We Are the Web (Wired)
Web Commerce Today: Research Room (Wilson Internet Services)
Web 2.0 (Wikipedia)
What's Web 2.0 (Tim O'Reilly, 2005)
Working Knowledge: E-Commerce & the Marketspace (Harvard Business School)
World Wide Web (Wikipedia)

E-Exchanges & Online Marketplaces

The Benefits of B2B Exchanges (CRM Media)
B2B Exchanges (Edison Electric Institute)
B2B Exchanges for the Retail Industry (
E-Marketplaces, Online Auctions & Exchanges (Business Link)
The Equilibrium of B2B E-Marketplaces (Zhao et al.)
E-Sourcing: 21st Century Purchasing (Booz Allen Hamilton, 2000)
Online Marketplaces (Wellman/M.P. Singh, ed./CRC Press, 2004)
Yahoo Directory of B2B E-Exchanges

Indexes, Abstracts & Library Catalogs

Databases from SAGE Publications
ERIC: Educational Resources Information Center
Bath Information & Data Services (Univ. of Bath)
Electric Library (Infonautics Corp.)
High Impact Journals (Science Gateway)
ISI Web of Knowledge (Thompson Reuters)
Internet Archive
Lexis.Nexis - Academic Universe
Librarians' Index to the Internet (Univ. of Calif.-Berkeley)
The Library of Congress Online Catalog
OCLC: Online Computer Library Center, Inc.
Palgrave Search
Pathfinders (Cornette Library, West Texas A&M Univ.)
Science Direct
SSCI: Social Sciences Citation Index (Thompson Reuters)
Stanford University Library & Academic Information Resources
WayBackMachine (Internet Archive)
Wiley Interscience

Industry Associations

American Apparel Producers' Network (AAPN)
American Bankers Association
American Petroleum Institute
Association of International Automobile Manufacturers, Inc. (AIAM)
Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA)
Electronics Industries Alliance (U.S.)
The Federation of International Trade Associations
International Air Transport Association
National Association of Manufacturers (U.S.)
National Federation of Independent Business (U.S.)
Trade Associations (Yahoo List)

Information on Companies, Markets & Industries

Annual Reports Online (Zpub)
The Annual Reports Service (WSJ)
Chicago's Top 100 Companies (Chicago Tribune)
Companies (Yahoo Directory)
Corporate Information (G. Regnery, Stamford, CT)
CorpTech: Database of 50,000 High-Tech Companies (Corporate Technology Information Services)
D-FW Top 200 Companies (Dallas Morning News)
The Dismal Scientist
Dow Jones Industrial Average (Wikipedia)
Dun & Bradstreet
Europages - The European Business Directory
Fortune 1000 Companies
Free Domain Name Search
Global Investor
The Holt Stock Report
Hoover's Companies - A-Z
Hoover's Online
Goliath (ECNext)
Industry Research Desk (Virtualpet)
Kompass - B2B Search Engine
List of Companies (Wikipedia)  
Thomas Register of American Manufacturers
The US Web100 by Industry
U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission

Intellectual Capital & Knowledge Management
Global Employment Trends 2009 (ILO)
Human Capital & Job Creation (Milken Institute)
Intangibles Valuation (Value Based
Knowledge Connections (D. Skyrme)
Knowledge Ecology (Community Intelligence Labs)
Knowledge Economy (EnterWeb)
Knowledge Management (Wikipedia)
Knowledge Management & Organizational Learning (
The Knowledge Management Resource Center
Knowledge (Wikipedia)
Measuring Knowledge Assets of a Nation: Knowledge Systems for Development (UN)
The Montague Institute
Sveiby Knowledge Associates
Tacit Knowledge (Wikipedia)
Worknomics: Measuring the Importance of People (The Boston Consulting Group, 2001)

Cultures, Cross-Cultural Research, International Management, HR, Leadership & Business Ethics

Advances in International Management (Science Direct)
ARL Annual Salary Survey
Communication & Skills (12Manage)
Cross-Cultural Communication (Wikipedia)
Cross-National, Cross-Cultural Organizational Behavior Research (Tsui, Nifadkar & Ou, Jr. of Management, 33, 2007)
Cultural Anthropology (Wikipedia)
Cultural Influence on Leadership & Organizations: Project GLOBE (R.J. House et al.)
Culture (Wikipedia)
Culture Portal (Wikipedia)
Cultures & Groups (Yahoo List)
Earth Calendar
Escape Artist 
Ethics & Responsibility (12Manage)
Expatriate (Wikipedia)
Edward Hall (Wikipedia)
Equality at Work: Tackling the Challenges (ILO/2007)
Geert Hofstede (Wikipedia)
Global Employment Trends 2009 (ILO)
Global Wage Report 2008/2009 (ILO)
Holidays & Festivals
Human Resources Management (12Manage)
ILO Databases
Information Sources for Economic & Social Sectors (ILO)
Institute of Industrial Relations (UC-Berkeley)
International Business Customs, Protocol & Business Practices ( 
International & National Labor Law (ILO)
International Program on the Elimination of Child Labor (ILO)
Labor Force Surveys (ILO)
Labor Statistics (ILO)
Language (Wikipedia)
Leadership (Wikipedia)
Leadership Styles (12Manage)
List of Ethics Topics (Wikipedia)
List of Human Resource Management Topics (Wikipedia)
Organization & Change (12Manage)
Organizational Studies (Wikipedia)
Popular Culture (Wikipedia)
Research on Leadership in a Cross-Cultural Context (Dickson et al., M. W., The Leadership Quarterly, 14: 2003)
Resource Guide on the Informal Economy (ILO)
The Salary Calculator (
Tax World
The WWW Virtual Library: Labor & Business History (Netherlands Economic History Archive)
Wharton Center for Leadership & Change Management
Women's Empowerment: Measuring the Global Gender Gap (Lopez-Claros & Zahidi, World Economic Forum, 2005)
Zicklin Center for Business Ethics Research (The Wharton School)

Currencies/Foreign Exchange Sites
Currency Exchange Rates (Travlang)
Forex Directory (MG Financial Group)
The Universal Currency Converter (Xenon Laboratories, Inc.)

Doing Business Guides & Surveys

Best Performing Cities 2005 (Milken Institute)
Business & Investment Environment (Baker Library, HBS)
Business & Law Guides (Hieros Gamos)
Doing Business Abroad (U.S. Dept. of State)
Doing Business in 2004 (The World Bank)
Doing Business in 2005 (The World Bank)
Doing Business in 2006 (The World Bank)
Doing Business in 2007 (The World Bank)
Doing Business in 2008 (The World Bank)
Doing Business in 2009 (The World Bank)
Doing Business: Comparing Business Regulations (The World Bank)
Doing Business: Law Library (The World Bank)
The Global Cost of Opacity: Measuring Business & Investment Risk Worldwide (Kurtzman, Yago & Phumiwasana/2004)
Global Corruption Report 2007 (Transparency International)
Global Corruption Report 2008 (Transparency International)
Guides to Doing Business (Lex Mundi)
International Tax & Business Guides (Deloitte)
Investment Guide Series (UNCTAD)
KILM-Key Indicators of the Labor Market (ILO)
2008 Opacity Index (Milken Institute)
Private Sector Develop