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This page is a little more in depth for small business owners. 

Between this page and page one, in most cases you will find what you are looking for.

U.S. Government Sites
State Sites
Economic Indicators
Small Business Organizations
Pension Plans, Insurance and Annuities
Estate Planning
Legal Forms
Small Business
Small Business--Sites Designed for Women
Small Business Financing
Help for Inventors
Buying or Selling a Business
Business Valuation Assistance
Franchising Resources
Accounting Software
Delivery and Mail Services
Travel Information
Personal Finance
Credit Reporting Agencies
Personal Finance--Sites Designed for Women
Buying or Selling a Home
Relocation Resources
Help for Elders and Their Caregivers
Charitable Giving
College Financial Assistance
On-line Job Search
Search Engines


U.S. Government Sites


Internal Revenue Service--Current and back forms, publications, revenue rulings, etc.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics--A wealth of statistics including CPI information.
Bureau of Labor Statistics-Occupational Handbook--Details on job prospects in various occupations.
General Services Administration.
Small Business Administration --Lots of information plus a gateway to other sites. Image map of state sites.
U.S. Census Bureau
U.S. Business Advisor--Links to U.S. government sites for business info.
U.S. Department of Labor--Information plus answers to specific questions.
Library of Congress--If you can't find it here, it probably doesn't exist.
The Whitehouse
Department of Commerce--Plenty of information including procurement notices.
FedWorld--Clearing house for commerce department allows search of other federal government sites.
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp.--Look for lost pensions, other info.
Minority Business Development Agency--Help for minority-owned businesses.
Office of Women's Business Ownership--SBA division to help women entrepreneurs.
**Federal Trade Commission**--A wealth of information including actions against businesses and individuals who have been accused of fraud, etc. Links, and addresses and telephone numbers for state sites such as Better Business Bureaus, consumer protection, public utilities commission, securities law, etc. We've used this for basic research.

Economic Indicators

(see also U.S. Government Sites above)

The Dismal Scientist--If you're looking for economic statistics, this is the place. Updated as stats are released and has articles to boot.



Weather Underground This is a fantastic site!


Kelly Blue Book--Probably the best known pricing guide for cars and light trucks. Prices on new and used.
Intellichoice--If you're leasing instead of buying, this is the first place to start. General information on leasing along with the current best deals.
LeaseSource--On-line worksheet for leasing pros and cons.
Edmund's--Info on dealer holdback rates, much more.
Auto-By-Tel--After you've checked prices, you can look for the best deal online. cars for sale.
GM Buypower--Strictly General Motors cars; check out dealer inventories.
MSN CarPoint--Recall notices, oil change and service reminders, more.
Car and Driver Magazine insurance quotes, chat with other owners, search engine.
Department of Transportation
AutoVantage--New and used pricing, classifieds, more.
National Automobile Dealers Association--Directory of dealers, some website links
Cars.Com--Lists dealers based on area, web links
World Wide Wheels--Ads from dealers and individuals, web links. cars, buy/sell new/used cars, classified ads for used cars, articles, more. get out of a lease.
Swap A Lease--Another way to get out of a lease.


Small Business Organizations


National Federation of Independent Business
The National Association for the Self Employed
The American Entrepreneurs for Economic Growth
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
National Business Incubation Association


Pension Plans, Insurance and Annuities


401k Help Center--Plenty of resources for 401ks.
Accuquote--Life insurance quotes.
ConsumerQuote USA--Quotes on term insurance.
InstantQuote--Term insurance quotes, on-line calculator.
MasterQuote of America--More of the same.
Insweb--Life insurance quotes.
A.M. Best--Ratings on insurance companies.
Weiss Group--More insurance companies ratings.
Moody's Investor Service--Ratings on insurance companies, more. insurance for small business owners.
Life Insurance Wiz.comOffers free online quotes for auto, health, homeowners, whole and term life insurance. Also provides a list of insurance resources and glossary terms.
Long Term Care Wiz Info and quotes for long-term care insurance.


AccountingPage--Accounting directory and resources.
Quickbooks Payroll--Payroll tips and resources and information on Quickbooks payroll services.
Avalara--Look up sales tax rates for any address. Sales tax software.
Payroll Taxes--Payroll tax information.
1040.Com--Federal and state tax forms, other info. Designed more for professional tax preparers.
H&R Block Inc.--Tax tips, forms from the people who prepare a lot of them.
Tax & Accounting Sites Directory--A gateway to a number of valuable sites.
Essential Links to Taxes--Exactly what it says. The site also has links to other topics of interest.
Taxware International--The site sponsor sells software for computing state and local sales taxes.
Disasters--The Federal Emergency Management Agency's list of disasters. Find out if you qualify for special aid or tax benefits.
CompleteTax--Online tax preparation and filing service.
TAXedge--Online tax prep, more. a tax lawyer.
CustomDataPayrolls--Small business payroll services and book keeping.
Real Estate Tax Issues for Homeowners--Plenty of good info, links.
FileLater--On line filing of extensions.
TaxCafe--Tax information on various topics for sale.


Estate Planning


The Crash Course in Wills and Trusts--That pretty much says it all.
Nolo Press--From the publishers of legal, tax, and other material.
National Association of Financial and Estate Planning


Legal Forms

Nolo Press--All sorts of good info plus forms and books for a fee. Top-notch material. legal forms, you customize on-line. Fee. sorts of legal forms--for a fee.
Incorporate Fast--Incorporate or set up an LLC.
My Easy Forms--Many legal forms, for a fee.


Small Business

Lowe Organization--Links to a large number of small business sites that have been checked out. Also a wealth of other info for small businesses. A great starting point.
Business Week--Plenty of good info on business trends, economy.
Business Resource Center--Worthwhile collection of articles on small business issues. version of Inc. magazine
Small Business Advisor--General advice, info on services
Smart Business Supersite--Tips and advice from numerous sources on a range of topics.


Try this if you're unsure of where to start your research

The Small Business Knowledge Base--Info, tips, links. Good starting pointing.
AccountingNet--Plenty of info, aimed at professsionals.
Thinking Like an Entrepreneur business portal.
Entrepreneur.Com--Plenty of info.
CCH Business Owner's Toolkit--Tips and software tools for small businesses.
The Business Publications Search Engine--The name tells it. Good starting point for research. Links to many sites.
Angel Capital Association--Aimed at angel investors.

Small Business--Sites Designed for Women

Forum for Women Entrepreneurs--Help for women in technolgy and life-sciences companies.
Catalyst--Help through seminars, networking.
Women in Technology International--Career help for women in technology.
Isabella Capital--Financial help for woman-led internet and high-tech companies in early stage.


Small Business Financing

FastUpFront--Unsecured small business loans.
PEdatabase--Help finding venture capital, private equity.

Help for Inventors

These sites should help inventors get their inventions patented, to market, etc.

National Inventor Fraud Center

Buying or Selling a Business?

BizBuySell--Thousands of businesses for sale and buyers looking to purchase. This one's our first choice, even if only comparison shopping.
The M&A Source--Buyers and sellers; membership organization., newsgroups.
Nationlist--Manufacturing companies for sale.
Business Brokers Network--Multiple listing
Walden Businesses
The Business Brokerage Group
The Business Sale Center--Basic info on selling your business. Manual available for a fee.
Businesses for Sale US--Businesses around the country with summary numbers.
GlobalBX--Nationwide businesses for sale.


Business Valuation Assistance

Institute of Business Appraisers--Find an appraiser in your area.
American Society of Appraisers--Another source of appraisers.
Business Valuation--On-line business appraisal for a fee.
Valuation Resources--Extensive list of books and data for sale.
Banister Financial--Articles.

Franchising Resources

Federal Trade Commission--A number of articles and other information plus links to state sites.
American Franchise Organization--Industry sponsored site, provides links to many franchise opportunities.
Franchise For Sale. of franchises, plus some resources.


Accounting Software

ACCPAC International
FRx Software
Peachtree Software
Epicor Software
Quickbooks by Intuit
Open Systems Accounting Software


References for CPAs, Professionals

Legal bitstream--Links to revenue rulings, procedures, cases, much more!! The place for original tax material.
Accountant's World--Resources for accountants, have to register.


Delivery and Mail Services

Burlington Air Express
DHL Worldwide Express
Federal Express
TNT Worldwide Express
United Parcel Service
United States Postal Service Document Delivery with Tracking With a Delivery Receipt
Zip+4 Lookup--Find a zip+4 code by entering an address.


Travel Information

Travelocity--Info on destinations, travel bargains, hotels, visa and passport information, etc.
Expedia--Flights, hotels, more.
MapQuest--Custom maps and driving instructions.
Maps On Us--Same as above, but you can search an online Yellow Pages for gas stations, restaurants, etc.
Google Maps--Maps and aerial views.
Excite Travel--Airline and hotel reservations, travel info, tips, etc. Business or pleasure. flight cancellation info. flight info.
Hotel Discounts--Name says it all.
Quickbook--Not to be confused with quickbooks, this one's for hotel reservations.
Priceline--No explanation needed.
Hotwire--Hotels, flights, rental cars, more.
HotelUS.Com--Discount hotels from major chains. Cruise and airline bookings also.



Jet Blue
Southwest Airlines
Air Canada
American Airlines
American Trans Air
Northwest Airlines
US Airways



Switchboard--Search for telephone numbers and addresses, business or personal. Just enter a name and state. You can also get a custom map.
Yahoo! People Search--Another way to search for a telephone number, but you can also find e-mail addresses.
National Association Of Unclaimed Property Administrators--A site where many states post the names of people who have money coming to them from bank accounts, etc.
Robert McConnell Parlimentary Procedures--Have a question on Robert's Rules of Order? Here's an online guide to parliamentary procedures.

Personal Finance

Bureau of Public Debt--Savings Bonds--Lots of information on savings bonds including a calculator that you can download.
Google Finance--Charts, news, discussion, etc.
Quicken Mortgage--Mortgage rates listed by state.
Quicken main site--Financial help.
HSH Associates--Info on home mortgage closing costs, refinancing.
Freddie Mac--Mortgage rates and fees.
Savings Bonds--Find the current redemption value of a savings bond.
Financial Engines--Asset allocation information.
Morningstar--A wealth of personal finance information.
T. Rowe Price--Financial planning help from a major mutual fund.
Fannie Mae--Home mortgage information.
American Association of Retire Persons--A wealth of financial and other information for seniors.
National Center for Home Equity Conversion--Info on reverse mortgages.
National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association--More info on reverse mortgages.
FAFSA--Federal Financial Aid Online. Complete your college financial form online.
Bankrate--Savings, mortgage, car loan, etc. rates from around the country.
Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.--Information on the insurance system, foreclosed real estate for sale, etc.
Financenter--Info on investing, credit cards, insurance, etc. Includes calculators.
Longevity Game
Roth IRA Web Site
Personal fund--Mutual fund calculator
Annuities Online--Basic info.
Variable Annuities Online--You can track your variable annuities online, but there's a cost. in-depth info on annuities.
Consumer Insurance Guide--Morningstar performance data, other info.
MSN MoneyCentral
Bonds Online--Good research tool, info on recent offerings.
Bond Market Association--Another research center.
U.S. Treasury--A wealth of info on U.S. government bonds from savings bonds on up. A must if you're into U.S. government bonds. life insurance quotes from multiple sources.
National Consumer Law Center--Info on consumer fraud, debt collection, etc. of upcoming corporate conference calls.
Company Boardroom--Conference calls, investor presentations.
Vcall--List of shareholder meetings, conference calls, more. information from a name you can trust.

Credit Reporting Agencies

Equifax--For a report call 800-685-1111; to report fraud call 800-525-6285
Experian--For a report call 888-397-3742; to report fraud call 888-397-3742
Trans Union--For a report call 800-916-8800; to report fraud call 800-680-7289

Personal Finance--Sites Aimed at Women destination. one-stop site, but with stock tracking.
Financial Finesse--Resources, seminars, articles.

Buying or Selling a Home

(see also Personal Finance, above) appraisal site. list of properties for sale and links to brokers. out what that house is worth. Estimates of home prices around the country. list of homes for sale.
SchoolMatch--Info on school districts across the nation.
International Real Estate Directory--Links to thousands of real estate sites. bid for your mortgage. of sites, includes list of rentals. and consumer loans.
Realtor.Com--Over 1.3 million listings, related info. Excellent search capabilities.
Coldwell Banker Online--Almost 200,000 listings with plenty of photos.
Owner's Network--For sale by owner. Plenty of additional info.
Experian Information Solutions--Valuations on comparable homes, related info, even business credit reports. There are fees for much of the info.

Relocation Resources

Relocation Central--City and state information, state taxes, links.
Electronic Relocation Guide--Web links for all major cities. tools, calculators, cost of living info.

Help for Elders and Their Caregivers

Carescout--Online version of book; also ratings of nursing homes.
Elderweb--News, links to groups, list of elder-care providers.
Family Caregiver Alliance--Library, articles, support group.
Medicare--Basic Medicare info.
Seniornet--News on health-care issues.
National Family Caregivers Association--Support, networking.
National Alliance for Caregiving--Advocacy.
National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers--Help in finding a geriatric care manager.

Charitable Giving

Foundation Center--Information on thousands of charities.
GuideStar--Profiles of more than 600,000 charities.
American Institute of Philanthropy--Rates a number of organizations plus additional info.
National Charities Information Bureau--Rates a number of nonprofit organizations. From the BBB.
Better Business Bureau--They have a Philanthropic Advisory Service.
Council on Foundations--Info on community foundations that administer charitable funds for business and individuals.
Helping.Org--Want to help, but don't know where to start? Try this.
SchoolPop--Fundraising for over 5,000 schools.
National Center for Family Philantropy--Information on setting up private foundations, charitable contributions as a family.

College Financial Assistance

Department of Education--U.S. government site. Has Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
Fastweb--Search for scholarships using the site's search engine.
FinAid--Not the prettiest, but it's got a wealth of information including calculators and tips galore.
Nellie Mae--The organization makes and buys student loans. Tips on comparing financial aid.
Sallie Mae--Need to know how much the school expects you to pay? You can get help here. Plenty of other information on financial aid.
E Student Loan--Info on student loans.

On-Line Job Search
Job fairs, resumes, want ads, etc. and assistance.

Search Engines

Google--Great regular search engine, but particularly good for finding obscure references.
Yahoo--Second only to Google.
Northern Lights Search--Great for searching for news articles.
AOL--AOL's search engine.
Look Smart language search; Often better than Google.