Marketing Resourses

Marketing Research Links

Census Data, Statistical Resources and other Data Sets (domestic & international)

Data Sets (The Library of Congress)
Data for Zip Codes
Demography & Population Studies (D. Crow, Australian National Univ.)
EuroStat/Euro Indicators (EU)
Foreign Labor Statistics (U.S. Dept. of Labor)
Global Statistics (J. Heijden)
Harvard-MIT Data Center
International Marketing Research & Statistics (
Internet Data Sources by Subject (Edinburgh Univ.)
Internet Data Sources for Social Scientists (Cornell Univ.)
Market Data Center: Auto Sales (WSJ, May 1, 2009)
NAICS: North American Industry Classification System (U.S. Census Bureau)
National Statistics - UK
OECD Statistics
Population Reference Bureau
Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Search
Statistics (UNESCO)
Statistical Resources on the Web - Comprehensive Economics (Univ. of Michigan)
Statistical Sites on the WWW (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
U.N. Population Information Network
U.N. Statistics Division
U.S. Census Bureau
U.S. Population Clocks (U.S. Census Bureau)
U.S. Current Population Survey
U.S. States & Capitols Almanac
World Statistics (
Zip Code Statistics (U.S. Census Bureau)

Data Resources, Links, Indexes & Meta Sites

Ads (Dept. of Advertising, Univ. of Texas-Austin)
Advertising Law (
Advertising World (Dept. of Advertising, Univ. of Texas-Austin)
BBB: Better Business Bureau
Brand (Wikipedia)
Brand Architecture (Wikipedia)
Brand Equity (Wikipedia)
Brand Papers (
Brand Rankings-Survey & Research: 2001-2005 (Interbrand)
Business & Economics Online (The Library of Congress)
Business Glossary
Business Researcher's Interests (Yogesh Malhotra)
Consumer Review
Consumer World
Data Center (AdAge)
DM News
Euromonitor Index: Global Consumer Market Intelligence
Federal Consumer Information Center
The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Franchise Directory (Franchise Handbook)
Franchise Information
Franchising (Wikipedia)
100 Leading National Advertisers Index: 1997-2008 (AdAge)
Index to the 2008 Media 100 (AdAge)
Industry Links
International Franchising (International Herald Tribune)
Internet Advertising Resource Guide (
The Internet Public Library Reference Center
List of Advertising Slogans (Wikipedia)
List of Marketing Topics (Wikipedia)
Logo (Wikipedia)
Marketing Management (Wikipedia)
Marketing Management & Marketing Strategy (
Marketing (12Manage)
Marketing Mix (Wikipedia)
Marketing Principles, History & the Marketing Plan (
Marketing Research: Key Weblinks & Printed Resources (J. J. Vileta, Univ. of Minnesota-Duluth)
Marketing Resources (L. Perner, Univ. of Southern Calif.)
Marketing Resources (LSU Libraries)
Marketing Stories Archive (
Marketing Strategies & Channels (Baker Library, HBS)
Marketing Strategy (Wikipedia)
Marketing Virtual Library (
New Product Development (Wikipedia)
Positioning (Wikipedia)
Product Management (Wikipedia)
The Psychology of Consumers (L. Perner, Univ. of Southern Calif.)
Public Citizen
Public Relations (Y. Kamalipour, Purdue Univ.)
Retailing (Wikipedia)
Service (Wikipedia)
Services Marketing (Wikipedia)
SERVQUAL (12Manage)
7-Ps Extended Marketing Mix (Value Based
Television Commercial (Yahoo List)
Tertiary Sector of Industry (Wikipedia)
U.S. Copyright Office

Market Research & Other Organizations

Abbott Wool's Market Segment Resource Locator
Ad Track Index (USA Today)
Alcone Marketing Group
American Advertising Federation
American Association of Advertising Agencies
The American Customer Satisfaction Index (Univ. of Michigan Business School)
Beanstalk Group
Bowen Craggs & Co.
Building Brands
The Burke Institute
Business Models, Marketing Plans & New Product Development (D. Olsen, Univ. of Alberta)
Conjoint Links
Conjoint Analysis Tutorial (SurveySite)
Direct Marketing Association
Forrester Research
The Gallup Organization
GfK Group
Igor (Naming/Branding/Research)
Institute for the Study of Business Markets (Penn State)
JDPower & Associates
Jupiter Research
Links to Statistical Providers (Stata Corp.)
Marketing Research (Wikipedia)
Market Research & Internet Marketing Research (
Marketing Research Guide (LSU Libraries)
Marketing Science Institute
McCann-Erickson World Group
Millward Brown
Nielsen Media Research
Nielsen//Net Ratings
Office of Scale Research (G. Bruner, Southern Illinois Univ.)
Scientific Software International
SPSS, Inc.
SPSS: Data Mining Solutions
Strategic Name Development
Top500 Supercomputers Sites (Mannheim Univ. & Univ. of Tennessee)
World Opinion
Yankee Group
Yankelovich Partners
Young & Rubicam, Inc.


Advertising Age
Adnews (Canada)
American Demographics
News Directory: Magazines (
Marketing Management
Marketing News
Marketing Research
Marketing Week (UK)
Progressive Grocer
Sales & Marketing Management

Media/Networks/Radio Stations

British Broadcasting Service (BBC)
Cable News Network (CNN)
Classical Live Online Radio
National Public Radio (NPR)
Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
Radio Locator
TVShow: Television Worldwide (Buttle & Tuttle Ltd.)

Newspapers (domestic/International) & Other Sources

ABYZ Newslinks
Amarillo Globe News
Asahi Shimbun (Tokyo)
The Asian Wall Street Journal
Associated Press
The Australian (Sydney)
Barron's Online
Berliner Zietung (Berlin)
The Boston Globe
The Christian Science Monitor
Chicago Tribune
Daily Telegraph (London)
Dallas Morning News
Dow Jones Newswires
Editor & Publisher Interactive
Financial Times (London)
Full Listing of Online News Agencies
The Globe & Mail (Toronto)
The Guardian
Gulf News (Dubai)
The Herald (Glasgow)
Houston Chronicle
International Herald Tribune (Paris)
The Japan Times (Tokyo)
Le Monde (Paris)
Los Angeles Times
My Virtual Newspaper (
News Agencies (Y. Kamalipour, Purdue Univ.)
News Agency (Wikipedia)
Newspaper Links
The New York Times
San Diego Union Tribune
San Francisco Chronicle
Singapore Business Times
The Sydney Morning Herald
The Times (London)
USA Today
The Wall Street Journal
Washington Post
The World

Research Methods/Statistics/Math

Basic Business Research Methods (C. McNamara)
Descriptive Statistics (
Elementary Concepts in Statistics (StatSoft)
Introductory Statistics: Concepts, Models & Applications (D. W. Stockburger, SW Missouri State Univ.)
Hyper Stat online (D. Lane, Rice Univ.)
Multivariate Statistics: Concepts, Models & Applications (D. W. Stockburger, SW Missouri State Univ.)
The Qualitative Report (R.J. Chenail, Nova Southeastern Univ.)
Qualitative Research Links (Univ. of Toronto)
Qualitative Research Journals (Saint Louis Univ.)
Qualitative Social Science Research Methodology (North Carolina Wesleyan College)
Quantitative Marketing Research (Wikipedia)
Quantitative Research Design & Methods (Univ. College Dublin)
Research Methods in the Social Sciences: An Internet Resource List (Univ. of Miami Libraries)
Resources for Methods in Evaluation & Social Research (GSociology & ICAAP)
Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics (D. Lane, Rice Univ.)

Statistics & Statistical Graphics Resources (M. Friendly, York Univ.)
Statistical Resources (D. Olsen, Univ. of Alberta)
Statistical Science Web

Statistics Tools for Internet & Classroom Instruction with a Graphical User Interface (SticiGui, UC-Berkeley)
Survey Research Methods Section: Links & Resources (American Statistical Association)
Virtual Math Lab (West Texas A&M Univ.)
Welcome to Research Methods Resources on the WWW (M. S. Stephensen, Univ. of British Columbia)
The WWW Virtual Library: Statistics (Univ. of Florida)

Small Business/Entrepreneurship/Franchising/New Venture Creation

American Made: The Impact of Immigrant Entrepreneurs & Professionals on US Competitiveness (NVCA)
Arthur M. Black Center for Entrepreneurship, Babson College

Best of the Best Franchises for 2007 (
Business Bureau UK-Small Business Information Resource

CIE Research Reports Archives (vFinance, Inc.)
Entrepreneurship Education on the Web (St. Louis Univ.)
2007 Entrepreneur Magazine's Hot 500
Entrepreneurial Confidence Index (vFinance Investments, Inc./2004)
Entrepreneurship - Database of Articles (M. M. Akhir, Universiti Putra Malaysia)
Entrepreneurship Index 2004 (National Agency for Enterprise & Construction, Denmark)
Entrepreneurs - Resources for Entrepreneurs (Gaebler Ventures)
Entreworld (Kauffman Center)

Federal Government Small Business Resources
The Impact of Immigration on the California Economy (Calif. Regional Economies Project)

Information for Small Business (SEC)

International Hotlist (U.S. Small Business Administration)
Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity (R. W. Fairlie/2005)
Lester Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (UC-Berkeley)

Management & Entrepreneurship (LSU Libraries)
National Federation of Independent Business

National Small Business Council, Inc.

A New Venture Creation Model (J. C. Carland & J. W. Carland)
Northeastern University's Center for Family Business

PeerSpectives (Edward Lowe Foundation)
Resources on Entrepreneurship & New Venture Creation (UNDP)
Resources on Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises (IFC)
The 7 Entrepreneurial Skills (Entrevis)
Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises (IFC)
Small Business Development Centers

Small Business (
Small Business (Federal Citizen Information Center)
Small Business (
Small Business Funding Opportunities (NIH)
Small Business/Self-Employed (IRS)
The Small Business Knowledge Base (
Small Business Survival Index 2005 (Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council)
SBDC National Information Clearinghouse

SBA Outside Resources Hotlist (U.S. Small Business Administration)
U.S. Excellence in New Venture Creation (A. D. Biedermann)
U.S. Small Business Administration

U.S. Small Business Administration's Office of International Trade
2006 Washington State Index of Innovation & Technology
Wharton Entrepreneurial Programs

Yahoo's Small Business Information