Business Development Links - Japan

Government and Governmental Bodies


Representation of Political Parties in the Diet Provides details on the representation of each political party in both houses of the Japanese Diet.

Political resources:parties,media,& organizations  Data,links and professional reports covering the abovte subjects.

The Prime Minister and the Cabinet  The official website of the Kantei (Official Residence) of the Prime Minister of Japan.

The State, Population and Way of Life


Japan Global Window  UCLA's Window on Japan provides information on the country and its traditions, history and culture.

Japan Background Notes - TradePort  US Department of State's descriptive information on Japan and its characteristics.

Japan Country Study - Library of Congress  US Library of Congress country study on Japan, its people and traditions.

CIA Japan Survey Page  Data from the World Fact Book about Japan's geography, its people, government, economy and other statistical information.

InfoNation: Japan  A compilation of statistical information on Japan's geography, economy, population, and social indicators.

Guide to Japan(Schauwecker's Guide)  About 200 pages with illustrated, general information about most aspects of modern and traditional Japan.<

Lonely Planet - Japan  A leading on-line guide to help you find your way and answer many of your questions .

Useful Information for the Business Community


Japan Business Travel - US State Dept.  US State Department Country Commercial Guide for Japan providing an overview of the economy and business practices.

Japanese Business Etiquette and more  Providing a compendium of business etiquette,Do's and Taboo's,and other useful information..

Japan Business Travel Overview  Trade Port/US Department of Commerce section on business travel, visa requirements, etc. in Japan.

Price Check Tokyo  An unofficial listing of prices of everyday items in Tokyo.

Japan holidays & festivals site  Holidays,festivals,time zone & calanders .

Japan - Consular Information Sheet  Entry requirerments , useful information refferring to customs,employment and living conditions.

Israels Yellow Pages Directory  The directory fpr bussiness & services in Israel plus access to the domestic telephone directory .

Weather, Maps and Transportation


Weather Guide for Japan TBS sponsored weather guide for Japan and worldwide.

Japan Weather Association  Japan Weather Association Online Weather Report

General Overview & Leading Indicators


Business & Economy Resource Site  A portal to dozens of other sites relating to Japan business including trade and business organizations.

The Bank of Japan Homepage  Web site of the Bank of Japan with linkage to financial indicators, monetary policy and other issues related to central bank policy.

Japan Background Notes  US State Department Guide providing an overview of the country and its economy.

METI -Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry  Journal of Japanese Trade & Industry ,statistics,policy and useful links.

UCLA - Guide to Business Success in Japan  A comprehensive guide to doing business in Japan from a US perspective including customs, traditions and culture.

Bank of Japan Monthly Economic Overview  Financial reports & statistics, including explanatory notes for major indicators.

Japan Today : Current economic situation  Macroeconomic trends,

World Trade Organization - TRADE POLICY REVIEWS  Referring to trade policy, structural reforms and forecasts.

I.M.F. - Japan Reference  International Monetary Fund's Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board - JAPAN.

R&D, Start Ups & Venture Capital


Agency of Industrial Science & Technology - METI  A compendium of national scientific and related laboratories in Japan.

IEICE Homepage  Institute of Electronic, Information and Communications Engineers aims at the investigation and exchange of knowledge on the science and technology of electronics, information and communications.

GMD Bureau Tokyo  Germany-Japan research group:it's main goals are to make the results of Japanese research available to Europe and to put concepts for cooperation projects with Japan to the test.

Japan Science and Technology Corporation (JST)  Information reffering to :Basic Research ,

Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute  Information on research activities,news, updates and links to other sources .

The Asian Technology Information Program (ATIP)  A non-profit organization dedicated to providing objective and high-quality information about technology developments in Asia.

National Institute of Science and Technology Policy  An affiliated institution of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT),focusing on information technology, life science, nano-technology and environment.

International Cooperative Research Program - ICORP  Japan Science and Technology (JST) Corp. program for joint basic research projects between JST and other country teams.

Economic Research & Market Surveys


Japan Center for Economic Research  The site offers various papers on the economy of Japan, including analyses of various economic branches and indicators.

Asia Market Research Dot Com  The site provides a source of information to those doing market research in Asia arranged by topics.

Daiwa Institute Access Site  Monthly Economic Review, Mid- & Long-Term Economic Forecast

Mizuho Securities Research & Links  An in -depth site with links to multiple aspects of the Japanese economy including Japanese industry sectors, international markets and more.

Japanese Scientific and Technical Journals  Providing information from a number of Japanese scientific and technical journals in the computing and other ICT areas .

Bank of Japan Research Papers  Papers on: International Comparison , Japan's Financial Structure , Japan's International Investment Position ,etc, .

Japan and the International Monetary Fund(IMF)  Surveys & special reports on key economic issues including statements and press releases .

Japan and the Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development(OECD)  Provides search for Japan documents on the OECD Web Site .

Japanese Statistical Data

Statistics Bureau & Statistics Center  A comprehensive library of statistical information about Japan, its land, its people and its economy.

Economic Statistics - JIN  A listing of economic statistical information refering to National Accounts , Currency,Production,Personal Consumption and more.

Industry Statistics - JIN  Japan Information Network Industry Statistics and production figures for various industrial sectors.

Statistics by categories  Most up-to-date statistical data in English.

Japan Statistical Association  Providing statistical information and special reports (payment required).

Ministry of Finance Statistics  All leading economic indicators & Business Outlook Survey .

Banking & Financial Institutions


Japan Trade & Project Financing  Overview of Japanese banking and financing systems.

Bank of Japan Home Page  Provides information on financial policy ,research activities macro-economic overview.

Development Bank of Japan  The bank provides long-term financing and related services to qualified projects.

Japanese Banks & Securities Firms Links  Goettingen University (Germany) site of links to selected Japanese banks and financial institutions.

Japanese Bankers Associations - ZENGINKYO  The site provides operating statements of all member banks and papers related to the local banking sector.

US Ex-Im Bank - Japanese Cooperation  US Department of Commerce fact sheet on Export-Import Bank Cooperative Programs with Japanese Government Financing Agencies.

Mizuho Securities Company  Leading Japanese financial group homepage, with news, financial information, research and links.

Asian Development Bank  The ADB is a multilateral development financial institution owned by 59 members, mostly from Asia and the Pacific. The site contains detailed information about the ADB's programs whose objectives are fostering economic growth and reducing poverty.

Public Financial Corporations in Japan  Links to Japanese public financing corporations, for both international financing and small and medium enterprises.

Nagoya Stock Exchange  Nagoya Stock Exchange Home Page with full information on how the exchange operates, companies listed on the exchange and their activities.

Think Tanks - Focused Surveys


Japan Information Access Project  An independent, nonprofit research center to strengthen international understanding of Japanese science, technology, industry, security, and policy.

The National Institute for Research Advancement (NIRA)  Conducts research of various complex issues facing contemporary society.

Mitubishi Research Institute  Survey & research and consulting on politics, economy, public finance, corporate finance, industries, business, industrial technology, markets, etc.

Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd (DIR)  Produces various economic reports including strategy, trends, investments insight

National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)  U.S. source for economic research by university professors around the country and leading scholars in their fields.


Townpage Japan  Discover Japan & related information .

Doing Business in Japan


Ten Important Successful Business Points  Brief background information about Japan, its business culture, problem solving & marketing. Prepared by Japan's International Business Collaboration Council.

Exporting to Japan - General Cautions  Site contains tips on exporting to Japan, including information on tariffs, distribution, mailing and direct marketing.

Doing Business in Japan - UCLA Guide  References to business practices, culture and overall business considerations.

Japan's Investment Climate  US Dept of Commerce's article on Japan's investment climate, including the Japanese Government's attitude.

Useful Business Japanese Phrases  A compendium of transliterated Japanese business phrases and etiquette tips.

Trade information center - by U.S. Department of Commarce  The site refers to major business activities including : tarrifs & customs,marketing,law,news,events and trade information sources .

Executive Planet Guide to Japanese Business Culture  Business culture, practices, protocol, customs and business etiquette in Japan

JETRO Home Page  Key Japanese business site, updated daily, with current information on every aspect of Japanese business and international trade with Japan.

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry  Ministry of Economy, Trade & Promoting Economic Restructuring with the Aim of Understanding the Total Economy, both Microeconomic and Macroeconomic.

Chamber Information Network Query Access  Chamber of Commerce site provides, free of charge, Business Opportunities for companies that wish to expose themselves to Japanese companies.
Computer & Internet Facilities in Japan  BizLinx survey of Japanese telecomm facilities, market and effects in Japan, including links to Japanese ISPs with detailed analytical reports.

AIST Data Base  AIST (Agency of Industrial Science and Technology), Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry, Data Base of research activities going on in Japan.

Industry Sector Analysis Reports Japan  US Department of Commerce site of Japanese Industry Sector Analyses, including a search engine.

Japan Market Research Reports  US Department of Commerce Market Research of Japanese markets, including search facility.

Asia Market Research Dot Com  Abstracts, articles, research and search engine for East Asian markets, including Pacific news headlines.

Action Japan  Information on Leading Market Sectors.
Japan Financials  Translations & Originals of filed financial statements of all Tokyo Stock Exchange and major OTC listed firms.

Corporate Direct IR Information  Corporate Direct IR Information site, with links to Japanese companies, as well as additional information.

Corporate Information Japan Company Profiles  Company profiles on hundreds of Japanese companies.

Nikkei Net Japanese Business News Online  Leading source for: stock market, business updates, financial and other news relevant to the business community, updated regularly.

Nagoya Stock Exchange Home Page  Nagoya Stock Exchange Home Page, with access to all Japanese companies traded on that exchange.

Asian Sources B2B Product Search  Search engine for products, suppliers, trade shows, travel, cargo & freight in Asia, with links to international sources.

Japan Directories of International Contacts  US Department of Commerce listing of Japanese trade & business directories, as well as other sources of information on Japanese firms (not URL linked).

WebSite URLs of Japanese Companies  Access the English-language web sites of 802 leading companies listed on 8 stock exchanges in Japan, with search engine.

Standard Trade Index of Japan  Site designed to assist international companies to obtain information about members of Chambers of Commerce and Industry throughout Japan.

Information on Import & Export Firms - Tokyo Tokyo Trade Center Information on Import & Export Firms, both data base and search engine.

Osaka World Trade Center  An international trade promotion organization for business interaction between its members and overseas based enterprises.

Japan Yellow Pages  An on line classified telephone book .

Listed Japanese Companies  Links to

Financial Times : Japan 500  Listing leading corp' by turnover, profits , market share etc.

Japan company site guide  Access to English-language web sites of 802 leading companies listed on 8 stock exchanges in Japan.

Directory of trading companies  Directory of both Japanese and overseas trading companies, was created solely to facilitate business-to-business communication to cross the Japanese language barrier.

Japan MarkeTracker  Focused on the internet and multimedia markets in Japan.

Governmental Procurement Policy Guidelines  Federation of Economic Organization's (i.e. Keidanren)procurement policies and Principles on Procurement Transactions.

Japan: Liberalized Procurement Policy  US Dept of Commerce's 1999 overview of Japan's liberalized procurement policy for local government acquisitions.

Selling to Japan International Airport Co.  For companies interested in doing business with the Central

Marketing U.S. Products & Services  US Dept of Commerce's article on marketing in Japan, including information on tenders and bids.

Contact Points for Procurement  Leads to procurement contact points of more than 400 major Japanese companies.

Promotion of Foreign Direct Investment  Promotion of FDI and Imports to Japan - a 1995 report by the Committee of Foreign-Affiliated Corporations (Keidanren).

Japan Investment Climate  US Dept of Commerce's article on Japan's investment climate.

APEC/Japan Tariffs  Search tariffs by chapter, tariff heading, Harmonized System Code, alphabetized order, or description.

Japanese Industrial Standards Committee  Extensive information and relevant links to basic Japanese Industrial Standards.

Japanese Industrial Standards Center  Japan's official government industrial standards site.

Advertising Expenditures  Overview of Japanese Advertising Expenditures, including analysis by media and industry.

Asia Advertising Agency  Providing information about advertising in Japan as well as a directory of electronics exhibitions there.

Japanese Financial Related Laws in English  Translations, reports & outlines of financial legislation. Also overview of courts and government entities, Legal associations and accounting systems .

Links to Laws of Japan  Codes, Statutes, Regulations, referring to:Commercial Law, Finance, Banking and much more.

Internet Law Library  Laws Treaties & other legal issues and documentations.


Additional Uncategorized Japanese Business sites

The American Chamber of Commerce in Japan

Chambers Information Network Trade Inquiry

Edwin O. Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies (Harvard Univ.)

Japan Automotive Manufacturers Association

Japan Economic Foundation

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

The Japan Foundation - Center for Global Partnership

J Guide: Stanford Guide to Japan Information Resources

Japan Information Network

Japanese Listed Companies (Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd)

The Japanese Studies Network Forum (JS-NET)

Keidanren (Japan Federation of Economic Organizations)

Ministry of Finance (MOF)

Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry (formerly MITI)

Statistics Bureau & Statistics Center (Ministry of Public Mgt., Home Affairs, Posts & Telecommunications)

U.S. Commercial Service Japan

Yahoo's Links to Japan

Analytica Japan

Back on Track: Japan Rebounds

Bursting the Bubble

Can Japan Compete? Part 1; Part 2

Chambers Information Network

Corporate Restructuring in Japan: An Event-Study Analysis

Daiwa Institute of Research

Economic and Fiscal Policy: English; Japanese

Economic Surveys of Japan

The Emergence of the Internet & Entrepreneurship in Japan

The Foundation for Advanced Studies on International Development (FASID)

Global Window: A Guide to Business Success - Japan

Globalization: Role of Institution Building

Growth, Human Development & Economic Policies in Japan: 1955-1993

In Search of Capital Crunch - Supply Factors Behind the Credit Slowdown in Japan

Institute for Monetary & Economic Studies, Bank of Japan

Is Japan Hollowing Out?

Japan: 2002 Article IV Consultation--Staff Report

Japan: Economic and Policy Developments

Japan: Report on the Observance of Standards and Codes--Fiscal Transparency Module

Japan: Selected Issues

Japan 2025

Japan Country Analysis Brief

Japan Financials

Japan goes Dutch

J@pan Inc. Magazine

Japan's Bank Mergers

Japan's Deflation Dilemma

Japan's Trap

The Japanese Banking Crisis of the 1990s - Sources and Lessons

Japanese Company Histories

JEI's Spin On The News

Keidanren (Japan Federation of Economic Organizations)

The Keiretsu Fable: Where Does the Truth Lie?

Keizai Doyukai (Japan Association of Corporate Executives)

Keizai Koho Center (Japan Institute for Social & Economic Affairs)

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry: White Papers/Reports

Mizuho Securities: Research & Links

Nikkei Net Interactive

Passive Savers and Fiscal Policy Effectiveness in Japan

Recent Economic Conditions in Japan

Running On Empty

Saving Japan

Studying Japan from the Inside

The Tokyo Grain Exchange

Tokyo Stock Exchange

Transition Dynamics in Vintage Capital Models: Explaining the Postwar Catch-Up of Germany & Japan

Unchanging Innovation and Changing Economic Performance in Japan

U.S.-Japan Economic & Educational Project (UJEEPP)

USTR: Japan Affairs

World Fears for Japanese Economy

The Zero Interest Rate Floor (ZIF) and its Implications for Monetary Policy in Japan