International Business

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International Banks

World Bank
Bank For International Settlements (BIS)
Asian Development Bank
Inter-American Development Bank
European Central Bank   


World Chambers Of Commerce

ADCCI World Chambers Of Commerce
International Chambers Of Commerce
International Bureau of Chambers of Commerce
World Chambers 
Group of 77 - Asia Pacific Links 
Group of 77 Africa Links 
Group of 77 - Latin America Links 
Group of 77 - Europe Links 
CyberNet Chambers of Commerce 
Import/Export Library - Chambers of Commerce Page 
Group of 77 Trade Information Network 


Useful Trade & Business Links


Setting the Stage
Assessing Export Readiness
Acquiring Export Skills
Revisiting the Business Plan
Developing the Export Plan
Researching the Market
Creating a Marketing Plan
Financing and Insurance
Entering the Foreign Market
Delivering the Service
Operating Abroad
Expanding Into New Markets


Programs of the United Nations

United Nations General Assembly 
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) 
International Trade Center (ITC) 
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) 
United Nations Environment Programme(UNEP) 
United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL)
United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD) 
UN Economic Commission for Europe (ECE)   Social Development 
UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) 
Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) 
Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) 
Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia(ESCWA)


Specialized Agencies of the United Nations


The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) 
Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO)
International Monetary Fund (IMF) 
International Labour Organization (ILO)

Statistics Divistion of The UN


Other World Organizations

World Trade Organization (WTO)
International Stadaridization Organization (ISO)
World Customs Organization (WCO)
World Trade Centers Association (WTCA)
Organization of Economics Co-Operation and Development (OECD)
Interantional Development Research Center (IDRC)

Oil and Gas Email
More than 900 Petroleum related Websites:
Marine Fuel Services
Welcome To SeaNet
Port of Liepaja
Freight World Searches - for cargo, freight forwarding and shipping
General MAritime Services Homepage
Welcome to the Home Pages of the World Freight Group (WFG) 
Directory of Freight Forwarding Services 
Trade & Freight Forwarding - EXPORT BROKERS INTERNATIONAL 
TIACA: The International Air Cargo Association 
MISC - Canada - Worldwide Transportation - 05:46:27 5/31/97 

JobSmart--Cover Letters
Eastern & Central European Job Bank
Business Programs
The Prostatitis Treatment Center Philippines
PlanWare - Business Plan, Business Plans, Business Planning, Management, Finance & Enterprise
SHAREWARE.COM -- Selections: PC
Anderson Investor's Software, Inc.
Business business downloads from atOnce Software
Business Plan Demos
File Mine -- programs.html
Financial & Business Shareware Archive
Netscape Company and Products
Palo Alto Software
Planet Home Page
Welcome to Tel-A-Bridge
Windows Biz Plan Builder 
GEMS Home Page
BISNIS' Guide to Finance in the NIS - Section I 
Datamerge's Financing News: Feature page 
douglas gerlach's invest-o-rama! directory 
invest-o-rama! -- directory of brokers 
Russian & Ukranian Venture Capital Funds Of America 
American Bank USA's Bookmarks
Ch-Non-Food Web Board
Import - Export Bulletin Board / International Trade Leads
WWW Export
About World Wide
World Wide Message Board-wwexport
Commercial: Contacts
The Baltics Online Guestbook
The Baltics Online Home Page
Global Business Exchange
Create New Opportunities - IBCC
Global Business eXchange ®
Free Trade Zone

Free Trade Zone - Trade Forum
The Free Trade Zone
Euro Business Centre
EuroBusiness Centre (Eastern Europe)

International Business Forum
The Trade Zone
Intl Trade Brokers
Buyer / Product Line Databases 2
International Trade Brokers Network
ITB's Jumpstart into Export Brokerage
ITB's Jumpstart into Export Brokerage Plan

Fund Seekers Listing
Global Marketplace - World Business Network
America's Business Funding Directory
BHP Capital
BizWeb Category - Finance
BizWeb Home Page
Financial Links: Investment Banks/ Brokerage Firms
Funding Opportunities
fundingforum: Home page
Guardian Funding: Creative Financial Services
I Dig Money - the World Wide Investment Exchange
Investor Groups
M&A Directory of Investment Banking Web Sites
Potential Funding Sources
The Investment Exchange
Trident Capital, L. P. Venture Capital for the Information Industry
Venture Capital World on the Internet
Welcome to American Express Financial Advisors
Woodsdale Capital Partners, Inc. - Venture Capital -
WorldWide Funding Network
Joint Venture
African Equity Investments (Pty) Ltd
Europe Investments
Investment Co-operation Method.
M&A Marketplace
MARCH ENT Real Estate Equity, Joint Ventures, Debt financing, Investments.
Submit Joint Venture to Wit Capital
Venture Capital World on the Internet

World Bank
1992 Rus Longtitudinal Monit. Surv.
Environmenally Sustainable Dev.
Living Standards measurement Study
Palms - World bank Group
Research Bulletin
Searchable Directory
WWW World wide servers
500 WWW page links
Global webservers directory
NCSA Mosaic WAIS Interface
Netlink: All Sites sorted by Name
The What's New Archive
U.S. Government
Welcome to the InterNIC
World-Wide Web Servers: Summary
Zhurnal Internet Business Magazine
Community Access Points

Barter & Countertrade 


Asia Pacific Countertrade Association
Barter (Wikipedia)
Barter - Relevance & Relation to Money (R. Davies, U.K.)
Countertrade (Wikipedia)
Economic Incentives for Countertrade (R. Mirus & B. Yeung, JIBS, Fall 1986)
Global Offset & Countertrade Association


Caribbean & Central/Latin America 


LANIC (Latin American Network Information Center, Univ. of Texas at Austin)
Latin World - Directory of Internet Resources
Yahoo's Links to Caribbean
Yahoo's Links to Central America
Yahoo's Links to Latin America


Country/Political Risk Analysis/Risk Management

Control Risks Group
Country Risk Analysis (C. R. Harvey, Duke Univ.)
Country Risk Analysis (PNC Financial Services Group)
The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU): Country Reports
Global Trends 2025: A Transformed World (NIC, Nov. 2008)
Overseas Investment (OPIC)
Political & Economic Risk (PERC Ltd., HK)
Political Risk Services Online (The PRS Group)
RMS - Risk Management Solutions

Country Reports/Rankings & Regional Studies

Area Studies (Political Science Resources, U.K.)
Background Notes (U.S. State Dept.)
Country Briefings (The Economist)
Country Commercial Guides (U.S. State Dept.)
Countries & Regions (The World Bank Group)
Country Fact Sheets (UNCTAD)
Country Information (IMF)
Country Reports (Freedom House)
Country Reports on Economic Policy & Trade Practices (U.S. State Dept.)
Country Studies (The Library of Congress)
Data & Statistics (The World Bank)

Governance Matters III: Governance Indicators for 1996-2002 (World Bank Institute)
Human Development Report 2007-2008 (UNDP)
2008 Index of Economic Freedom (Heritage Foundation)
Infonation (UN Publications)
Internet Center for Corruption (Univ. of Passau & Transparency International)
Nations in Transition (Freedom House)
The New Economy Index (The Progressive Policy Institute)
Trade Profiles 2008 (WTO)
Trade Statistics (WTO)
The World Bank Group: Publications & Research
World Competitiveness Yearbook (IMD, Geneva)
World Economic Outlook (IMF)
The World Factbook (CIA Publications)


Cultures, Cross-Cultural Research, International Management, 
HR, Leadership & Business Ethics

Advances in International Management (Science Direct)
ARL Annual Salary Survey
Communication & Skills (12Manage)
Cross-Cultural Communication (Wikipedia)
Cross-National, Cross-Cultural Organizational Behavior Research (Tsui, Nifadkar & Ou, Jr. of Management, 33, 2007)
Cultural Anthropology (Wikipedia)
Cultural Influence on Leadership & Organizations: Project GLOBE (R.J. House et al.)
Culture (Wikipedia)
Culture Portal (Wikipedia)
Cultures & Groups (Yahoo List)
Earth Calendar
Escape Artist 
Ethics & Responsibility (12Manage)
Expatriate (Wikipedia)
Edward Hall (Wikipedia)
Equality at Work: Tackling the Challenges (ILO/2007)
Geert Hofstede (Wikipedia)
Global Employment Trends 2009 (ILO)
Global Wage Report 2008/2009 (ILO)
Holidays & Festivals
Human Resources Management (12Manage)
ILO Databases
Information Sources for Economic & Social Sectors (ILO)
Institute of Industrial Relations (UC-Berkeley)
International Business Customs, Protocol & Business Practices ( 
International & National Labor Law (ILO)
International Program on the Elimination of Child Labor (ILO)
Labor Force Surveys (ILO)
Labor Statistics (ILO)
Labor Statistics (ILO)
Language (Wikipedia)
Leadership (Wikipedia)
Leadership Styles (12Manage)
List of Ethics Topics (Wikipedia)
List of Human Resource Management Topics (Wikipedia)
Organization & Change (12Manage)
Organizational Studies (Wikipedia)
Popular Culture (Wikipedia)
Research on Leadership in a Cross-Cultural Context (Dickson et al., M. W., The Leadership Quarterly, 14: 2003)
Resource Guide on the Informal Economy (ILO)
The Salary Calculator (
Tax World
The WWW Virtual Library: Labor & Business History (Netherlands Economic History Archive)
Wharton Center for Leadership & Change Management
Women's Empowerment: Measuring the Global Gender Gap (Lopez-Claros & Zahidi, World Economic Forum, 2005)
Zicklin Center for Business Ethics Research (The Wharton School)


Currencies/Foreign Exchange Sites
Currency Exchange Rates (Travlang)
Forex Directory (MG Financial Group)
The Universal Currency Converter (Xenon Laboratories, Inc.)


Doing Business Guides & Surveys

Best Performing Cities 2005 (Milken Institute)
Business & Investment Environment (Baker Library, HBS)
Business & Law Guides (Hieros Gamos)
Doing Business Abroad (U.S. Dept. of State)
Doing Business in 2004 (The World Bank)
Doing Business in 2005 (The World Bank)
Doing Business in 2006 (The World Bank)
Doing Business in 2007 (The World Bank)
Doing Business in 2008 (The World Bank)
Doing Business in 2009 (The World Bank)
Doing Business: Comparing Business Regulations (The World Bank)
Doing Business: Law Library (The World Bank)
The Global Cost of Opacity: Measuring Business & Investment Risk Worldwide (Kurtzman, Yago & Phumiwasana/2004)
Global Corruption Report 2007 (Transparency International)
Global Corruption Report 2008 (Transparency International)
Guides to Doing Business (Lex Mundi)
International Tax & Business Guides (Deloitte)
Investment Guide Series (UNCTAD)
KILM-Key Indicators of the Labor Market (ILO)

2008 Opacity Index (Milken Institute)
Private Sector Development (UNIDO)

Foreign Direct Investment

FDI (Wikipedia)
Foreign Direct Investment (MOF, The Japanese Government)
Foreign Direct Investment in the United States (J. K. Jackson, CRS Report for Congress)
Foreign Direct Investment (The Progressive Policy Institute)
Foreign Direct Investment (Earth Summit 2002)
Foreign Direct Investment (Loungani & Razin, IMF)
Foreign Direct Investment (UNIDO)
FDI Confidence Index-2001 (A.T. Kearney)
FDI Confidence Index-2002 (A.T. Kearney)
FDI Confidence Index-2003 (A.T. Kearney)
FDI Confidence Index-2004 (A.T. Kearney)
FDI Confidence Index-2005 (A.T. Kearney)
FDI Confidence Index-2007 (A.T.Kearney)
CRS Report for Congress - FDI: Current Issues (J. K. Jackson, April 2007)
FDI Data (A. T. Kearney)
FDI Indices (UNCTAD)
FDI Spillovers & their Interrelationships with Trade (M. Leshar & S. Miroudot, OECD/2008)
FDI Statistics (UNCTAD)
Investment Policy Review Series (UNCTAD)
Multilateral Agreement on Investment-MAI (Lex Mercatoria)
Prospects for FDI & the Strategies for Transnational Corporations: 2005-2008 (UNCTAD, 2005)
Should Countries Promote FDI (G. Hanson, UNCTAD, Feb. 2001)
Trade, FDI, and the Organization of Firms (E. Helpman, Jr. of Eco. Literature, Sept. 2006)
Trends & Recent Developments in FDI (OECD)
World Investment Reports: 1991-2008 (UNCTAD)
World Investment Report 2001 (UNCTAD)
World Investment Report 2002 (UNCTAD)
World Investment Report 2003 (UNCTAD)
World Investment Report 2004 (UNCTAD)
World Investment Report 2005 (UNCTAD)
World Investment Report 2006 (UNCTAD)
World Investment Report 2007 (UNCTAD)
World Investment Report 2008 (UNCTAD)


Global Brands/Branding Issues, Surveys & Studies

Advertising Age: 100 Leading National Advertisers (2006)
Advertising Age: 100 Leading National Advertisers (2007)
Best Global Brands 2001 (Interbrand)
Best Global Brands 2002 (Interbrand)
Best Global Brands 2003 (Interbrand)
Best Global Brands 2004 (Interbrand)
Best Global Brands 2005 (Interbrand)
Best Global Brands 2006 (Interbrand)
Best Global Brands 2007 (Interbrand)
Best Global Brands 2008 (Interbrand)
Brand Rankings-Surveys & Research: 2001-2008 (Interbrand)
2006 BrandZ Top 100 Most Powerful Brands (MillwardBrown Optimor)
2007 BrandZ Top 100 Most Powerful Brands (MillwardBrown Optimor)
2008 BrandZ Top 100 Most Powerful Brands (MillwardBrown Optimor)
2009 BrandZ Top 100 Most Powerful Brands (MillwardBrown Optimor)
Brand Globally, Market Locally (J. Barron & J. Hollingshead, Jr. of Bus. Strategy, 25:1, 2004)
2007 Brand Marketers Report (Interbrand)
Brand Papers (
Business of Luxury (Financial Times Special Report, May 29, 2008)
Center on Global Brand Leadership (Columbia Univ.)
Consumer Brands of the Top 100 Companies in the Muslim World (DinarStandard)
Global Brands 2008 (Financial Times Special Report/April 21, 2008)
Global Brands 2009 (Financial Times Special Report/April 29, 2009)
How Consumers Value Global Brands (Holt, Quelch & Taylor, HBS Working Knowledge/Sept. 2004)
The 100 Top Brands-2001 (Business Week)
The 100 Top Brands-2002 (Business Week)
The 100 Top Brands-2003 (Business Week)
The 100 Top Brands-2004 (Business Week)
The 100 Top Brands-2005 (Business Week)
The 100 Top Brands-2006 (Business Week)
The 100 Top Brands-2007 (Business Week)
The 100 Top Brands-2008 (Business Week)
Global Brands (2005/Business Week)
Japan's Best Global Brands 2009 (Interbrand)
Managing Brands in Global Markets: One Size Doesn't All (Knowledge@Wharton/June 2005)
The Reality in Ranking the Top Global Brands (Branding Strategy/Aug. 2008)
Top Brands: 2005 (Forbes)
2008 Top Performing European Retail Brands (Interbrand)
21st Annual Global Marketers (AdAge, Nov. 2007)
The World's Best Brands (Aug. 7, 2006/Business Week)


2008-2009 Global Financial Crisis

The Aftermath of Financial Crisis (C. Reinhart & K. Rogoff, Dec. 2008)
The Ascent of  Money (N. Ferguson, PBS/2008)
Asian Holdings of U.S. Treasury Securities: Trade Integration as a Threshold (A.T. Haglwara, Dec. 2008/Asian Development Bank)
Assessing the Impact of the Current Financial & Economic Crisis on Global FDI Flows (UNCTAD/Jan. 2009)
China & the Global Financial Crisis: Implications for the U.S. (W. M. Morrison, CRS Report for Congress/Nov. 2008)
China's Holdings of U.S. Securities: Implications for U.S. Economy (Morrison & Labonte, Jan. 2008, CRS Report for Congress)
Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet (JD Sachs, Columbia Univ., Delivered@Carnegie Council)
Complete Coverage of the Global Financial Crisis (RGE Monitor)
Confronting Economic Uncertainty (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas/Nov. 2008)
Corruption & the Global Financial Crisis (D. Kaufmann, Forbes, Jan. 27, 2009)
Credit Crisis - The Essentials (NYT)
The Crisis & Beyond (OECD)
Crisis? What Crisis? Anatomy of the Regulatory Failure in Finance (J. Vestergaard, DIIS/2008)
Currency Crashes in Industrial Countries: Much Ado About Nothing? (J. E. Gagnon, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System/Feb. 2009)
EBRD & the Global Financial Crisis
Economic Crisis in a Globalized World (PBS)
The End of a Great Illusion: Credit Crunch & Liquidity Meltdown (A. Nesvetailova, DIIS/2008)
Fed Confronts Financial Crisis by Expanding its Role as Lender of Last Resort (Duca, DiMartino & Renier, Dallas Fed/Feb.-March 2009)
The Financial & Economic Crisis: A Decent Work Response (ILO/2009)
Financial Crisis (African Development Bank Group)
Financial Crisis (HBS Working Knowledge)
Financial Crisis: IFC's Response (International Finance Corp.)
Financial Crisis (IMF)
The Financial Crisis: A Timeline of Events & Policy Actions (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)
Financial Crisis (The World Bank Group)
Financial Crisis of 2007-2009 (Wikipedia)
The Financial Crisis of 2008 (J. Haverman, Encyclopedia Britannica)
The Financial Crisis - Looking Back & the Way Forward (G. Trumpel-Gugerell, European Central Bank/Jan. 2009)
Finance & Development (IMF), June 2008 - "The Financial Market Crisis"
Finance & Development (IMF), Dec. 2008 - "World Economy Under Stress"
Finance & Development (IMF), March 2009 - "The World in Crisis"
The First Global Financial Crisis of the 21st Century: Part II, June-Dec. 2008 (Reinhart & Felton, Univ. of Maryland/MPRA)
The Fiscal Impact of the International Financial Crisis on Latin American & Caribbean Economies (Fretes & Villela, Oct. 2008/IDB)
The Future of the Global Financial System: Scenario to 2020 (2009 World Economic Forum/
Global Downturn: In Graphics (BBC)
The Global Economic Crisis: Systematic Failures & Multilateral Remedies (UNCTAD)
Global Economy in Crisis (Council on Foreign Relations)
Global Finance in Crisis: A Provisional Account of the "Sub-Prime" crisis and How we got into it (J. Sapir, Real World Economics Review/2008)
Global Financial Crisis (ABC News)
Global Financial Crisis (Asian Development Bank)
Global Financial Crisis Bulletin (Protiviti)
Global Financial Crisis (Brookings Institution)
Global Financial Crisis (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)
Global Financial Crisis (Cato Institute)
Global Financial Crisis: CEG Resources (Global Economic Governance Program, University College, Univ. of Oxford)
Global Financial Crisis (FT)
Global Financial Crisis (N. Ferguson/, 06:10)
Global Financial Crisis (Global Issues)
Global Financial Crisis (IIE)
Global Financial Crisis (M. Chossudovsky, Google Video/Jan. 2009, 1:18:37)
Global Financial Crisis (Grail Research, Feb. 2009)
Global Financial Crisis (Mefeedia)
Global Financial Crisis: Implications for South Asia (South Asia Region, The World Bank/Oct. 2008)
Global Financial Crisis & its Impact on Microfinance (E. Littlefield & C. Kneiding, CGAP/2009)
The Global Financial Crisis in Photos (Time/2009)
The Global Financial Crisis of 2007-20?? (C. I. Jones, Stanford Univ./March 2009)
The Global Financial Crisis: Preliminary Lessons (D. Strauss-Kahn, IMF/March 25, 2009)
Global Financial Crisis: Resources from Intute (P. Ayres, IBSS Blog)
Global Financial Crisis-Various Speakers (GoogleVideo)
Global Financial Crisis-Various Speakers (
Global Financial Crisis: Causes & Cures (MOAF, Dec. 2008)
The Global Financial Crisis & Developing Countries (Overseas Development Institute/UK)
Global Financial Crisis: The Role of the IMF (M. Weiss, CRS for Congress, Oct. 2008)
Global Financial Crises: What Role for the IMF? Part II (
Global Financial Stability Report (IMF/Oct. 2008)
Global Financial Turmoil & Emerging Market Economies: Major Contagion & a Shocking Loss of Wealth? (C.M. Loser, ADB)
Global Meltdown (IFIWatchTV)
A Global Policy Package to Address the Global Crisis (ILO & Int'l Institute for Labor Studies/2008)
G20 Summit (BBC)
G20 Summit (Telegraph)
Group of 20 (FT)
How Financial Madness Overtook Wall Street (Serwer & Sloan, Time/Sept. 18, 2008)
ILO Global Job Crisis Observatory (ILO)
The IMF and the Global Crisis: Role and Reform (E.M. Truman, Jan. 2009, Peterson Institute for Int'l Economics)
Implications for Asia from the Global Financial Crisis & Policy Perspectives (T. Kato, IMF/Feb. 2009)
The Implications of the Global Financial Crisis for Low Income Countries (IMF/March 2009)
The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Migration (IOM Policy Brief/Jan. 2009)
Impact of the Financial Crisis on Finance Sector Workers (J. Sandenyoye, ILO/Feb. 2009)
Lessons from World Bank Group Responses to Past Financial Crises (The World Bank/Dec. 2008)
The London Summit 2009
Managing the Global Financial Crisis & Economic Downturn (K. Schmidt-Hebbel, OECD/Nov. 2008)
Mastering Management: Managing in a Downturn (FT/Feb. 2009)
A New Depression? The Lessons of the 1930s (J. Frankel, Kennedy School, Feb. 2009)
On the Global Economic Crisis (HBS)
The Origins of the Financial Crisis (Bailey, Litan & Johnson, Brookings Institution/Nov. 2008)
The Outlook for Tokyo: New Opportunities or Long-Term Decline for Japan's Financial Sector? (V. Rossi, Chatham House/UK, 2009)
Overview: Global Financial Crisis Spurs Unprecedented Policy Actions (I. Fender & J. Gyntelberg, BIS Quarterly Review/Dec. 2008)
Ready to Lead? Rethinking America's Role in a Changed World (R. Niblett, Chatham House/UK, 2009)
Security Implications of the Global Financial Crisis (Burton & Stewart, Stratfor/March 2009)
Social Innovations in a Post-Crisis World (Innovations/WEF-Davos, 2009)
Speeches on the Recent Financial Crisis (Bank for International Settlements)
State-by-State Breakdown of TARP Funds (WSJ)
Swimming Against the Tide: How Developing Countries are Coping with Global Crisis (The World Bank/2009)
Systematic, Governance & Regional Issues in the Reform of the International Financial Architecture (Tokyo Club Foundation for Global Studies/Feb. 2009)
This Time is Different: A Panoramic View of Eight Centuries of Financial Crisis (C. Reinhart-UOMaryland & K. Rogoff-HarvardU/April 2008)
Timeline: Banking Crisis (
Timeline: Global Credit Crunch (BBC)
Top Ten Financial Collapses (Time/2009)
Twenty-Five People at the Heart of Meltdown (Guardian.Co.UK/Jan. 26, 2009)
25 People to Blame for the Financial Crisis (Time/Feb. 2009)
27 Visualizations & Infographics to Understand the Financial Crisis (
U.S. Downturn (FT)
U.S. Financial Crisis Continues (Harvard Univ. Dept. of Economics)
The U.S. Financial Crisis: The Global Dimension with Implications for U.S. Policy (Nanto et al., D.K., Nov. 25, 2008/CRS Report for Congress)
The U.S. Financial Crisis, Global Financial Turmoil, & Developing Asia: Is the Era of High Growth at an end? (W. E. James et al., ADB/Dec. 2008)
The U.S. Housing Bubble & the Global Financial Crisis: Housing & Housing-Related Finance (Ranking Republican Member J. Sexton/U.S. Congress/2008)
Wall Street's Day of Reckoning: What's is Next (Knowledge@Wharton)
When Markets Collide (Mohamed El-Erian, PIMCO/2008)
The World Bank, the Financial Crisis & the Trade Agenda (B. Koekman)
The 2008 World Economic Crisis: Global Shifts & Faultlines (B. Gokay, Global Research/Feb. 25, 2009)
World Economic Outlook: Financial Stress, Downturns & Recoveries (IMF/2008)
The World in 2009 (FT Special Report/Jan. 28, 2009)
WTO Sees 9% Global Trade Decline in 2009 as Recession Strikes (WTO/March 2009)

Global Industries & Industry/Region-Specific Studies

Annual Statistical Bulletin 2007 (OPEC)
Assessing the Impact of Phasing-Out  of the ATC on Apparel Exports on  the Lease Developed & Developing Countries (P. Applebaum, UCSB, 2004)
Assessing the Impact of the Current Financial & Economic Crisis on Global FDI Flows (UNCTAD, Jan. 2009)
Asia's Race to Capture Post-MFA Markets: A Snapshot of Labor Standards, Compliance, and Impacts on Competitiveness (Meulen & Berik/ADR, 23/2006)
Automotive Components: New Business Models, New Strategic Imperatives (BCG, May 2002)
A Blueprint for Change in Auto Manufacturing (BCG, Nov. 2001)
Benchmarking National Attractiveness for Private Investment in Latin American Infrastructure (World Economic Forum, 2007)
Beyond Borders: Opportunities and Challenges in Today's Global Market (S. Farber, Grant Thornton, 2006)
Beyond the Boom: The Outlook for Global Steel (BCG/2007)
CHIMEA: An Emerging Hub of the Global Economy (ATKearney, 2008)
Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis (IPCC/Feb. 2007)
Closing America's Infrastructure Gap: The Role of Public-Private Partnerships (Deloitte Research/2007)
Competing to Win in China's Fast-Growing Automotive Market (BCG, 2002)
Competing with India & China in the Post-MFA Era (Subhan & Azar)
Egypt After the Multi-Fiber Arrangement: Global Apparel & Textile Supplay Chains as a Route for Industrial Upgrading (D. Magder/IIE/2005)
The Expiration of the MFA: An Analysis of the Consequences for South Asia (A. Haté et al., Univ. of Wisconsin, 2005)
Finding Opportunity in a Post-Textile-Quota World (Chernoff, Hillier & Field, ATKearney, 2005)
The Forces Shaping World Cotton Consumption After the MFA (McDonald & Voolrath, USDA, April 2005)
Foreign Ownership of U.S. Financial Assets: Implications of a Withdrawal (J. K. Jackson, CRS Report/2008)
The Future of the Apparel & Textile Industries (Abernathy, Volpe & Weil, Harvard Center for Textile & Apparel Research/2005)
Global Benchmark Study (Deloitte)
Global Economic Outlook 2007 (Deloitte)
Global Industries (KPMG)
A Global Perspective of Liberalizing World Textile & Apparel Trade (X. Diao & A. Somwaru, Nordic Jr. of Political Economy/28-2002)
The Global Race for Oil & Gas: Power Politics & Principles in Asia (I. Kiesow, Institute for Security & Development Policy/Sweden)
The Global Textile & Clothing Industry Post the ATC (H.K. Nordas, WTO, 2004)
Globalization and Energy Supply: Strategic Risk in the 21st Century (Deloitte/2004)
Globalizing R&D: Building a Pathway to Profits (BCG/2005)
Index of Global Philanthrophy & Remittances 2009 (Hudson Institute/2009)
Infrastructure 2007: A Global Perspective (Urban Land Institute & Ernst & Young)
Innovation Measurement: Tracking the State of Innovation in the American Economy (U.S. Dept. of Commerce/Jan. 2008)
Inserting Local Industries into Global Value Chains & Global Production Networks (UNIDO/2004)
Investing in Central Asia (FT Special Report/Oct. 30, 2008)
KPMG International Survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting 2005
Lights! Water! Motion (Doshi, Schulman & Gabaldon, Strategy+Business, Spring 2007)
Looking Ahead 2007: Consumer Business Industry (Deloitte)
Looking Ahead in Energy & Resources (Deloitte)
Management Tools & Trends 2007 (Rigby & Bilodeau, Bain & Co.)
Mastering Complexity in Global Manufacturing: Powering Profits & Growth through Value Chain Synchronization (Deloitte)
MFA Phase Out: Implication for Asia-Pacific (M. Proksch, OECD Global Forum, 2004)
NAFTA, Trade Diversion & Mexico's Textiles & Apparel Boom & Bust (W. Gruben, SW Economy/Dallas Fed, Oct./Nov. 2006)
The New Power Brokers (Mckinsey & Co., Oct. 2007)
Preparing for Fundamental Shifts in Energy: Strategies for Changing Industry (BCG, 2005)
Promoting Fair Globalization in Textiles & Clothing in a Post-MFA Environment (ILO, 2005)
Realizing the Oil Supply Potential of the CIS: The Impact of Institutions & Policies (Ahrend & Tompson, OECD/2006)
Regime Change in the Oil & Gas Industry (Deloitte, 2006)
Reports: The Gulf (FT Special Reports)
The Road Ahead for the U.S. Auto Industry: 2000 (U.S. Dept. of Commerce)
The Road Ahead for the U.S. Auto Industry: 2005 (U.S. Dept. of Commerce)
The Road Ahead for the U.S. Auto Industry: 2006 (U.S. Dept. of Commerce)
The Road Ahead for the U.S. Auto Industry: 2007 (U.S. Dept. of Commerce)
The Road Ahead for the U.S. Auto Market: 2008 (U.S. Dept. of Commerce)
The Road Ahead: China's Passenger Vehicle Market in 2015 (R. Haddock et al., Booz Allen Hamilton, March 2006)
The Service Revolution in Global Manufacturing Industries (Deloitte, 2006)
Short Term Energy Outlook (Energy Information Administration, U.S. Dept. of Energy, Jan. 2009)
2005 Skills Gap Report: A Survey of the American Manufacturing Workforce (Deloitte)
Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change (HM Treasury/UK, Jan. 2007)
The Textile & Clothing Industry: Adjusting to the Post-Quota World (R. Adhikari & Y. Yamamoto)
Trading Up: The New American Luxury (Silverstein & Fiske, BCG/2004)
Transit Troubles: Pipeline as a Source of Conflict (P. Stevens, Chatham House/UK, 2009)
The Urban Revolution (D. Bloom & T. Khanna, Finance & Development/Sept. 2007)
Water & Waste Management (FT Special Reports/Dec. 16, 2008)
The World Bids Farewell to the MFA (S. McDonald, USDA, Feb. 2006)
The World in 2009 (FT Special Report/Jan. 28, 2009)
World Oil Outlook 2008 (OPEC)
Worldwide Trends in Energy Use & Efficiency (International Energy Agency/2008)



Articles about Globalization (HBS Working Knowledge)
Berkeley Center for Globalization & Information Technology (UC-Berkeley)
Center for Globalization & Policy Research (UCLA)
Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy (PBS)
The Globalization Project (Univ. of Chicago)
Globalization 3.0: Prospects for a New World Order (M. Walker, ATKearney, 2007)
Globalization: Threat or Opportunity? (IMF)
Globalization (The World Bank)
Globalization (ILO)
Globalization (Global Policy Forum)
Globalization (OECD Observer)
Globalization (Wikipedia)
Globalization and its Critics (R. Y. Eng)
Globalization and its Implications on Industries (various reports; UNIDO)
Globalization Glossary (F. Lechner, Emory Univ.)
Globalization Issues
Globalization Research Center (CIO)
Globalization Research Center (Univ. of Hawaii-Manoa)
Globalization Research Network
The Globalization Website (F. Lechner, Emory Univ.)
Glossary of Globalization, Trade & Health Terms (WHO)
International Forum on Globalization
Measuring Globalization-2003 (A.T. Kearney/Foreign Policy)
Measuring Globalization-2004 (A.T. Kearney/Foreign Policy)
Measuring Globalization-2005 (A.T. Kearney/Foreign Policy)
Measuring Globalization-2006 (A.T. Kearney/Foreign Policy)
The Globalization Index 2007 (Foreign Policy, Nov/Dec. 2007)
Measuring Globalization: The Experience of the United States of America (O. G. Whichard, USDC/2003)
Myths & Realities of Globalization (Conference/Dallas Fed, Nov. 3-5, 2004)
OECD Handbook on Economic Globalization Indicators - 2005 (OECD)
A Quick Guide to the World History of Globalization (L. Ludden, Univ. of Pennsylvania)
Research Wizard Listings For Globalization (Univ. of Nebraska-Omaha)
Working Knowledge: Globalization (Harvard Business School)
World-Systems and Globalization Research Centers/Workgroups (IROWS, Univ. of Calif.-Riverside)
Yale Center for the Study of Globalization


International Accounting

Advances in International Accounting

International Agriculture

Agriculture for Development (2008 World Development Report, The World Bank)
Agricultural Markets & Food Price Inflation - A Conference Summary (D. B. Oppedahl, Chicago Fed/Jan. 2009)
Australian Center for International Agricultural Research (Australian Government)
Beyond Scarcity (2006 Human Development Report, UNDP)
Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Feb. 2007)
Crop Prospects & Food Situation (FAO)
Current World Fertilizer Trends & Outlook to 2011/2012 (FAO, 2008)
Data Sets: International (USDA)
Economic Research Service (USDA)
Fighting Climate Change (2007-2008 Human Development Report, UNDP)
Foreign Agriculture Service (USDA)
Global Crop Production Review - 2007 (USDA)
Growing Demand on Agriculture & Rising Prices of Commodities (FAO, 2008)
Global Food Security (USDA)
IFC's Argibusiness (IFC)
IMF Data Mapper (IMF)
Implications of Higher Global Food Prices for Poverty in Low-Income Countries (Ivanic & Martin, The World Bank, April 2008)
International Agriculture (Albert R. Mann Library, Cornell Univ.)
Major World Crop Areas & Climatic Profiles (USDA)
OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2008-2017
Publications (Economic Research Service, USDA)
Reengaging in Agricultural Water Management (The World Bank)
Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change (HM Treasury, UK, Jan. 2007)
Trade & International Markets (USDA)
World Food Situation (FAO)
The World Food Situation: New Driving Forces & Required Actions (J. V. Braun, IFPRI, Dec. 2007)


International Business Centers



International Business & International Marketing Resources, Indexes & Meta Sites

Adminet World
BuyUSAGov (U.S. Commercial Service)
Dept. of Trade & Industry, U.K.
The Dutch Export Site
Everything International (L. C. Russow, Philadelphia Univ.)
Foreign & International Information (Yale Univ. Social Science Libraries & Info. Services)
Global Business (Time)
Global Business Directory
The Global Connector (Indiana Univ.)
GlobalEdge (MSU Ciber, Michigan State Univ.)
G8 Information Center (Univ. of Toronto)
GRA Research Hotlinks (Global Risk Assessment, Inc.)
The Group of 30
IPA net (MIGA-World Bank)
International Business (L. Perner, Univ. of Southern Calif.)
International Business Index (USA Today)
International Business Resource Connection (Univ. of Kansas)
International Business Resources (Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
International Economics Gateway (Alta Plana Corp. & Seth Grimes)
International Marketing Portals & Meta Sites (
International Resources (M. V. Anderson, Cortland, New York)
International Trade Administration (U.S. Dept. of Commerce)
The Market Access Database (European Commission)
Martindale's International Business, Finance & Economics Center
National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)
Nyenrode Business Information Services (Universiteit Nyenrode)
Research Datasets (Center for International Development, Harvard Univ.)
RGE Monitor (N. Roubini)
Virtual International Business & Economic Sources (Univ. of North Carolina-Charlotte)
WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources (W. A. Selcher)
Web Resources for International Trade (The Federation of International Trade Associations)


International Business/Int'l Marketing Periodicals

Ad Age Global
Finance & Development
Journal of Commerce Online
Multinational Monitor
OECD Observer


International Business-Related Research/Global Strategic Management/Internationalization

Research in Global Strategic Management (Science Direct)

International Law

European Union Law
Foreign Law (The Univ. of Chicago Library Information System)
Foreign, International, & Transnational Law Resources (Lillian Goldman Library at Yale Law School)
Islamic & International Law Lex Mercatoria)
International Courts & Tribunal (Lex Mercatoria)
International Law (Wikipedia)
Law Library (The World Bank)
Law by Source: Global (Cornell Law School)
Law-Related Project (M. Herberger & H. Rubmann, Univ. of Saarland)
Laws of Other Nations (
Legal Resources in Europe
List of Free Trade Agreements (Wikipedia)
Multilaterals Project: Conventions & Treaties (Edwin Ginn Library, Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, Tufts Univ.)  
Trade Agreements in Force (SICE)
Treaties (EurLex)
Treaties: International Trade Instruments (Lex Mercatoria)
Treaty (Wikipedia)
The United Nations Treaty Collection
U.S. Patent & Trademark Office
Wash Law - Legal Research on the Web (Washburn Univ. School of Law)
World Law (Australasian Legal Information Institute, Univ. of Technology, Sydney & Univ. of New South Wales)
World Intellectual Property Organization
The WIPO Arbitration & Mediation Center
WWW Resources for Foreign & International Legal Research (Univ. of Colorado Law Library)

International Logistics/Distribution/Transportation/Production

Access: Changing What's Possible (F. Smith, FedEx, May 23, 2006)
Airports Council International
Air Transport Association
American Truckings Association
Association of American Railroads
Down to the
Deutsche Post World Net
Express Delivery Services: Competitive Conditions Facing U.S.-Based Firms in Foreign Markets (USITC, 2004)
100 Great Supply Chain Partners (
International Air Transport Association
JAFZA-Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai
Katoen Natie
"K" Line
Logistics (Wikipedia)
Maersk Line
Menlo Worldwide
NYK Line
Outsourcing Center
PIERS: Port Import Export Reporting Service
Supply Chain (Wikipedia)
Supply Chain Optimization (Wikipedia)
Time to Market (Wikipedia)
Transforming Global Logistics for Strategic Advantage in Emerging Markets (Q. Weden, IBM GBS, 2006)
United Parcel Service (UPS)
U.S. Postal Service (USPS)
The World Shipping Directory


International Marketing/Int'l Marketing Research


Advances in International Marketing (Science Direct)
AMA's Global Marketing Special Interest Group
Conducting International Marketing Research in the 21st Century (Craig & Douglas, New York Univ.)
Global Marketing Management-4th Ed. (M. Kotabe & C. Helsen, John Wiley)
International Market Research & Statistics (
International Marketing (L. Perner, Univ. of Southern Calif.)
International Marketing Research (G. Roth, Univ. of Southern Calif.)
Market Research Library (U.S. Commercial Service)
Population Density & Urbanization (UN)
STAT-USA Market Research Reports (Strategis, GC-Canada)
21st Annual Global Marketers (AdAge, Nov. 2007)


International Retailing

2006 Global Powers of Retailing (Deloitte)
2007 Global Powers of Retailing (Deloitte)
2008 Global Powers of Retailing (Deloitte)
The 2004 Global Retail Development Index (A.T. Kearney)
The 2005 Global Retail Development Index (A.T. Kearney)
The 2006 Global Retail Development Index (A.T. Kearney)
The 2007 Global Retail Development Index (A.T. Kearney)
The 2008 Global Retail Development Index (A.T. Kearney)
The 2009 Global Retail Development Index (A.T. Kearney)


International Trade Theories/Ancient Economies/World Trade

Ancient Economies I (M. Silver, City College of New York)
Asian Maritime & Trade Chronology to 1700 CE (Maritime Asia)
A Century of Free Trade (BBC)
Economic Theories (Wikipedia)
GTN: Global Trade Negotiations Homepage (Harvard Univ.)
History of International Trade (Wikipedia)
Industrial Archaeology (Wikipedia)
International Trade (Wikipedia)
International Trade Theory (J. W. Harrington, Univ. of Washington)
International Trade Theory & Policy Analysis (S. M. Suranovic, George Washington Univ.)
Laissez-Faire (Wikipedia)
List of International Trade Topics (Wikipedia)
Mercantilism (Wikipedia)
Trade (Wikipedia)


English Usage in the UK & USA (K. Katsiavriades, U.K.)
Ethnologue: Languages of the World (Summer Institute of Linguistics, Inc., Dallas, Texas)
Foreign Languages for Travelers (Travlang)
Kryss Tal: Language Families (K. Katsiavriades, U.K.)
Languages & Linguistics
Language Dictionaries & Translator