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BRIC (Wikipedia)
BRICs and Beyond (Goldman Sachs, 2007)
The BRIC Countries (Danmark's Nationalbank)
China & India: The Reality Beyond the Hype (Deloitte)
Dreaming with BRICs: The Path to 2050 (Wilson & Purushothaman, Goldman Sachs, 2003)
The Rapidly Developing Economies (C. Enoch, IMF)
Organizing for Global Advantage in China, India, & other RDEs (Bhattacharya et al., A., BCG, 2007)
Consumer Markets Companies Investing in Emerging Markets: Focus on China, India & Brazil (Fall 2006/KPMG)

Emerging Market Companies

Asian Business Week: Top 150 Companies (2005)
Asia's Business Week 50 Companies (2007)
Asia's Fabulous 50 Companies (Forbes)
Asia's 200 Best Under A Billion: 2006 (Forbes)
The 2005 DS 100: Top 100 Companies of the Muslim World (DinarStandard)
Emerging Giants (Business Week, July 31, 2006)
The Hot 50 (Latin Trade, April 2006)
Latin America's Top 500 Companies in 2005 (Latin Trade)
Latin America's Top 500 Companies in 2007 (Latin Trade)
Latin America's 50 Fastest Growing Companies (Latin Trade, April 2006)
List of Arab Companies (Wikipedia)
List of Argentine Companies (Wikipedia)
List of Bangladesh Companies (Wikipedia)
List of Brazilian Companies (Wikipedia)
List of Chinese Companies (Wikipedia)
List of Companies in Hong Kong (Wikipedia)
List of Indian Companies (Wikipedia)
List of The BusinessWorld Real 500: India's Largest Companies
List of Malaysian Companies (Wikipedia)
List of Mexican Companies (Wikipedia)
List of Pakistani Companies (Wikipedia)
List of Top 300 Pakistani Companies (BOI, Govt. of Pakistan)
List of Philippine Companies (Wikipedia)
List of Russian Companies (Wikipedia)
List of Singaporean Companies (Wikipedia)
List of South African Companies (Wikipedia)
List of South Korean Companies (Wikipedia)
List of Taiwanese Companies (Wikipedia)
List of Thai Companies (Wikipedia)
List of Turkish Companies (Wikipedia)
The New Global Challengers (Aguiar et al., M., BCG, 2006)
The 2008 BCG 100 New Global Challengers (Aguiar et al., M., BCG, 2007)
The 2009 BCG 100 New Global Challengers (Aguiar et al., M., BCG, 2009)
The RDE 100 (Business Week)
The Top 200 Emerging-Market Companies (Business Week, July 2000)

EMs: Miscellaneous Links, Surveys & Reports

The Banking System in Emerging Economies: How Much Progress has been Made (BIS, Aug. 2006)
Barclay Emerging Market Index
Competition & Competition Policy in Emerging Markets (A. Singh, UNCTAD)
Consumer Brands of the Top 100 Companies in the Muslim World (DinarStandard)
Corporate Responsibility Practices of Emerging Market Companies (OECD, Sept. 2005)
Davidson Data Center & Network
The Emerging Global Labor Market (McKinsey & Co.)
Emerging Global Markets (Milken Institute)
Emerging Markets (Deutsche Bank Group)
Emerging Markets (Yale Univ. Library)
Emerging Markets
Emerging Markets (
Emerging Markets (Financial Times)
Emerging Markets (Wikipedia)
Emerging Market Finance (J. P. Mei, New York Univ.)
Emerging Market Financing (IMF)
Emerging Market Indicators (
Emerging Markets (ACNielsen) 
Emerging Markets (
Emerging Markets Data (Project Finance Portal, HBS)
Emerging Markets Index (Investopedia)
Emerging Markets Infrastructure: Just Getting Started (Morgan Stanley/2008)
Emerging Market Priorities for Global Retailers: The 2006 Global Retail Development Index (ATKearney)
Emerging Markets Program (FAS/USDA)
Emerging Markets Q&A (dollarDEX)
Emerging Markets (RGE Monitor)
Emerging Markets: Reshaping the Global Economy (Grand Thornton, 2008)
Emerging Markets Resource Guide (Thunderbird)
Emerging Markets Series (Oxford Business Group)
Emerging Markets: The Big Ten Countries (Yale Univ. Library)
Emerging Markets Subject Guide (Yale Univ. Library)
Financial Crisis in Emerging Markets (NBER)
FTSE Emerging Markets
Innovation in Emerging Markets: Strategies for Achieving Commercial Success (Deloitte)
Global Emerging Market Database (Univ. of Pittsburgh)
Global Financial Data
Global Financial Stability Report: 2002-2006 (IMF)
Globalization and Monetary Policy in Emerging Markets (BIS, May 2005)
Human Development Reports: Global, Regional & National (UNDP)
IFC & Emerging Markets at a Glance (IFC)
Index of Emerging Market Resources (
Innovations in Emerging Markets (IFC)
Investment Promotion Network (ipaNet)
Laboratories of Innovation: Leveraging EMs for Commercial Success (Deloitte)
Learning from Emerging Markets (K. MacPherson, Ernst & Young)
List of Stock Exchanges (Wikipedia)
List of Stock Market Indices (Wikipedia)
Market Potential Indicators (GlobalEdge)
Market Potential Indicators for Emerging Markets: 1996-2005 (MSU-CIBER)
Migration, Trade & Development (Conference/Dallas Fed, Oct. 6, 2006)
Rise of Emerging Markets in M&As (Rotherbuecker & Hoyningen-Huene, ATKearney, 2008)
S&P Emerging Markets Indices
Stock Exchanges Worldwide
Standard & Poor's Emerging Markets Data Base
Ten BEM Initiative a Decade Later: Measurement & Commentary (Slough, Miesing & Brain)
Transforming the World's Emerging Markets (CISCO, 2006)
Understanding Recent Crises in Emerging Markets (R. Chang, Atlanta Fed)
World Economic Outlook: Globalization & External Imbalances (IMF, April 2005)
World Federation of Exchanges
The World in 2050: How Big Will the Major EM Economies Get and How can the OECD Compete? (J. Hawksworth/PWC/2006)
World Investment Reports: 1991-2007 (UNCTAD)
Worldwide Cost of Living Survey 2006-City Ranking (Mercer HR Consulting)
Worldwide Governance Indicators: 1996-2007 (World Bank Group)