Business Performance Appraisals and Evaluation for Sarasota and Tampa, Florida

How can your establishment
benefit from a business
performance appraisal?

The biggest detriment to a business is a failure to retain customers. For a business to grow, you need to keep the customer base you have and build on it. More businesses and restaurants fail due to poor customer service than any other reason. More often than not, you will not get a second chance and unsatisified customers will be sure to tell all their friends. This can be devastating to your business. We can help you protect the investment and hard work you have put in your business by giving you a fair, unbiased, professional business performance appraisal and review.

Does your business need help
with customer retention?

For a small fee we will visit your business as anonymous customers multiple times over the course of a month, totally unknown to you as to when, and document the experience we had visiting your business.

We focus on the appearance, cleanliness, signage, parking, customer service, product line displays, and pricing. If you are a restaurant, we also will evaluate the overall dining experience, the menu, the wait staff, and the quality of the food.

At the month's end, we will contact you to schedule an appointment and hand deliver our report to you. We also will spend an hour discussing the report and suggesting things that could be done to improve your customer experience, allow you to retain more of the customers you have, and build on that base.

If you operate a restaurant, when we visit your establishment we will bring unknowing guests with us on our visits and inform them after the lunch/dinner we are completing a performance evaluation and discuss with them what they feel could be done to improve the dining experience at your establishment.

Ever wonder how your management and
staff are doing when you are not there?

This service is outstanding for evaluating your management and your service staff if you are an absentee owner. It also is valuable for training purposes. If we find anything of concern, you will have a report to show your staff that will advise them of the things they need to work on to improve the customer experience.

Complimentary business promotion

Businesses that get our thumbs up during the review process will be featured in the marketing blog on our website. We will write a review telling all our readers how excellent your business performed in our evaluation, provide a link to your website in the article, and publish the article on all the social media sites in which we participate. Not only will you get the report, you also will receive some free advertising and SEO services compliments of our company.

The charge for this service is $480. A good portion of this fee will be spent in your establishment during our evaluation process. We will provide receipts from our visits to show the dates and times we visited your establishment and what products were purchased or meals that were ordered, provided this information is on your printed sales receipts.

At the end of this little marketing research exercise you will know what we find to be your strengths and weaknesses, and you will have a detailed report with our recommendations to improve your customer experience, product, price, and positioning. You will agree, when you receive the report, this was money well spent and a very good value for the information found in the report.

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